Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last post of the year

First of all, Happy last day of 2009...
Recalling back to what a year I had this year
Really brought back heaps of memories
Lots of tears shed
Lots of memories to mark on my memorabilia
Lots of things happened that changed me
Lots of things happened that made a large change in my life
Few friendships went down to drain
Gained many new friends that treasure me
There were really lots of ups and downs in my year 2009
Guess this is the year that really made me grow up
Made me grown to be more mature
Made me know the world out there better
All these gains and losses really build a stronger inner me

This year I experienced a lot
A change of friendship
Some turned bad and some got better and closer
Change of personalities of people I care
Losing trust on someone I trusted
Disappointments again and again
How someone you trust could actually hurt you deeply
and so on...

A life
Another certificate
An Australian PR
More friends that I treasure
New good friends whom treasure me for who I am not for what I have
and someone who treasures and cares

Time and youth
Friends that I considered as good friends

Flashing back on all these...
Looks like I gained more this year than things I lose
I would not look back and stop at this point
I am looking forward to the years that are coming ahead
A future that is waiting for me to build
A path that is waiting for me to walk
A career that is waiting for me to work hard on
A whole new experience that is waiting for me to explore.......

Good Bye 2009 and Hola 2010......

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Am I just demanding too much?
Or do I have the right to be demanding?
Am I too selfish?
Or do I have the right to be selfish?
Am I exaggerating?
Or do I have the right to exaggerate?
Am I too imaginative?
Or do I have the right to imaginative?
Am I bothering too much?
Or do I have the right to bother?
Do I deserve to be treated that way?
Or do I deserve better?
Maybe I am just not worthy enough....
Maybe I am just not special enough....

Monday, December 28, 2009

Found this is my drawer....

Today... When I was trying to clean up my drawer.... I found this......
Gosh... I swear I won't be able to write this kinda essay anymore.... Never remember I could write Chinese that well... Hahahaha~~ Cleaning up my drawer really brought back lotsa memories.... I found all my certificates I had obtained since I was a kid.... Found letters I got from my friends when I was in high school.. Love letter from first love... Diaries I wrote when I was young and silly... Diaries on the guy I adored..... Book that I wrote down my sms with someone.... LoLz... Youth..... Hahahahaha~~~~~~ I did do many silly things.... These all have sentimental value that I would never wanna throw away.. Because it represents my past....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


A month ago I can't wait to come back home
Back for less than a month
I can't wait to go back to Brisbane..

I am starting to miss my dears in Brisbane...
Starting to miss my life full of freedom
Starting to miss my lonely life
Starting to miss my quiet life
Starting to miss Brisbane's clean and quietness....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


今天突然想学学人家 hi tea
呵呵 真的很怀念旧的港片
难道是我怀旧吗? 哈哈~~

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Never thought that hearing the news of your sudden decision to leave
Will make me shed tear
Will make me so upset
Although we have known each other for few years
Only this year we started to hang out more
I wished I could turn back the time
And tell myself how worthy you are as a friend
How adorable you are as a friend
Times that we spent together
Things that we had done together
How nice and caring you are
How helpful you are as a friend
How great you are as a friend
All these flashed back into my mind...
How I wished I could fly back to Brisbane....
Before your departure...
I can't believe that I would not even be able to see you when I am back in Brisbane....
I will definitely miss you....

Monday, December 14, 2009

Graduated again..

My classmates in Tafe.. The one in red is my teacher....

With luck, I accidentally passed my Diploma in Interpreting... In our Mandarin class of 13, I am one of the 3 who passed.. Opps... ^^" Haha~ Yeah.. Difficult.. Some failed some had to wait for resit next year..... Passed my QUT unit too.... Not bad lah... This semester quite smooth despite friendship problems...

However, due to my stoopid holiday to Korea.... (stoopid because of the stupid tour guide.. Wil update about it..) I missed my graduation ceremony... ^^" So nothing much...... Actually lots to update but too lazy.... ^^

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Why do i have to bear with disappointments within 2 weeks?
I came home to relax not stressed out..
I am came to travel, not to think about something else..
I have to learn..
Learn how to let go..
How to enjoy myself and worry less

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


First night coming back to my hometown
Completed my mission and reason I came back early for
Now I felt so empty
Had the feeling that the reason I came back for might not be worthy enough
Or had been put to waste
I wonder should I be that worried
Should I really give up my fun, excitement and money that I could have earned these few days
Should I have worn myself out past few days just to rush myself back home for it
But get all these disappointments in exchange...
I really have been wondering...

Being back with my dearest family is happy
I miss my dearest papa and mama
But there's just someone here who gave me all these disappointments..
That made me wanna go back immediately...
Made me wanna give up on her..
All my dearest friends ain't back yet....
Please do come back to me ASAP....
I need your comfort and company....

Saturday, November 21, 2009



Sunday, November 08, 2009


Inspired by SY's previous blog entry suddenly feel like making a delicious brunch....
First time made scrambled eggie...
Looks okie.....
Don't laugh at me..
Cause I usually make omelette.... =)
Enjoyed a healthy meal with a cup of chocolate milk.....
Good afternoon people.... =)

Thursday, November 05, 2009



謝謝你 親愛的

Monday, November 02, 2009

My New Workstation

My new toy..... What do you think? Love it?? It wud be better if I had a white beautiful Apple huge monitor.... Yeah I know... But more cash would be needed to invest if I get that... >.<

Sunday, November 01, 2009

....... >.<

It's that period again....
After stop having exams for one semester
Having exams again made me feel stressful
Was it my period making me feel worse or what
No idea.....
This exam feels more stressful than any other I had in my life
TTSS exam... I never bother to study... Never will stress much about them....
Uni exams.... As long as we know we need how much to pass won't have to stress that much...
THIS EXAM??? After studying for a whole semester yet no idea whether will pass or not....
After passing this coming week's 2 exams....
Yet can't assure will get my diploma....
Fail just one of them....
Whole semester's effort would just 'poofff' off...
Period making me feel worse.... =(
Whole night wanted to vomit but just cant vomit out whateva it is.... =.=

Wednesday, October 28, 2009



若想Harry Potter里面的魔法师一样

想念家里的小红 (爸爸要卖了…… =( )


Thursday, October 22, 2009


Life could be really unpredictable
One minute you were friends
Next minute you could be enemies
One minute you were good friends
Next minute you guys might never talk much again
One minute you met someone new
Next minute you might be in love

I never realise I could experience so much in such a short period
This year I lost 3 whom I considered as best friends
But at the same time I gained a lot
I gained many new lovely friends
I gained new good friends
I got to know few special someone(s)
I got to experience many different stuffs
I got to do something I never thought I will do
I learned many new things
I learned how to forgive and forget
I learned how to mind my own business
I learned that I have many friends who care for me out there
I learned how wonderful, caring and lovely my parents are

I guess I really had to thank God for letting me experience all these
At least I know what I should do in future if things like that happen
I really wanna thank all my lovely friends in Brisbane and Malaysia
For being such sweethearts and helped me through my rough times
No matter you were near or far
You guys showed love that touched my heart
By caring, listening, advising, bringing me out to have fun...
Allow me to name all of them
Sha, Ying, Yan, Kelly, Fiona, Yvonne, SY, Fong, YS, Yuyu, Ivy, Pau, Ashleigh, Mary, Reagan, Gold Coast gang, and all others that supported me verbally or in writing no matter on my blog or MSN
Thank you so much for being there for me
If I am facing all these alone, I won't be the strong Dra I am right now....
Love ya' all soooo much.... Muaxxxx

Tuesday, October 20, 2009




Monday, October 19, 2009

A phone call

A phone call I made yesterday really melted my heart
It was a phone call to my dearest parents
My sister told me that mama called when I was away
Papa was really upset that I got my PR
He thought that sis got her PR as well
He was worried and said why all daughters went away and do not wanna come home
He was really upset
He even requested to go for a day trip with my family
I didn't realise I hurt them....
My sis was silly enough to make them worry more...
But this call really brighten my life...
My dad was so positive..
I was crying my eyes out when I was talking to them
I told them how much I love them and how much they meant to me
I never intent to hurt them
My intention was good
I didn't want papa to work so hard
He has 3 younger sisters to take care of
I wanted to be independent
I feel bad spending his money
But his words really touched my heart
"You are my daughter, it's my duty to spend money on you... My duty will cease once you get married.. But if he ill-treated you we will skin him"
When I told him I am really worried about my studies
Worried that I will fail my diploma and put his money to waste
"Don't worry about failing it, just slow down your pace, relax, I don't want a PHD for your health.. Take care of your health, your stomach..."
I can't stop shedding tears after hearing all these..
My friend was so shocked when he saw me crying..
He thought something serious happened..
I am really grateful and thankful that God gave me such lovely and caring parents
They are the best I have in life
I would rather have nothing than losing them....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Life Changes..

I realised how life could really change
Looks like my life have been changing like rocket
This second I was worried and stressed
Next second a simple call made my stress and worries faded just like that
This minute I was still having the same thought
Next minute my mind soul and spirit changed
Today I am still feeling stress about my status
Next day I am informed that my status has been approved
I never realise how life could change that fast...
Dad said that I have to slow down, stress less and relax...
Life pace had been speeding up a lot lately
But I can't just slow down before my holidays start
I had to speed up instead..
I wonder will I be able to cope
But I am not who I was anymore
I guess with all these support and care
I will be able to survive
I will be able to slow down a bit
I will be able to stress less
I will be able to walk through all these......

Tuesday, October 13, 2009



不是对人发的 是电脑


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Vote For Calista~

Please allow me to spare an entry to promote my dear friend Calista. Please vote for her via Simply Fabulous Maybelline. She is one of my BFFs.... No matter how far apart we are... I still love her... Do you love me babe? =p Oh well..

This is one of her photos I love best.. I first saw it on Gerry's website.. I was totally stunned by her photo when I saw it... I was like.. "Aint this Calista??? OMG~~~~" Haha~

Then.. I was informed that she has been participating in the Simply Fabulous Maybelline and made it up to one of the top 10 finalist with the chance to attend New York Fashion Week!! It was always her dream to 'break boundaries' of 'only tall girls can be a model' by being a successful petite model~ And now she made a huge step to fulfill her dreams..

So come on people... Please vote for this gorgeous BFF of mine.... She made her way through the finalist all by herself.. Now all she needed is our support simply by a few clicks.... Again.... Click here for the website.... ^^ Thanks..

P/s: Okie.. You might think I am BS-ing and simply SAY that this famous and gorgeous lady is my BFF because I don't have proof.. Oh well.. I don't have a photo with her because we always talk and bitch too much when we meet... =D

Wednesday, October 07, 2009



里面写着 “怎么办,真的不知道怎么选……”

Thursday, October 01, 2009


说的是倪柝声弟兄 (Watchman Nee) 在监狱里的经历


Sunday, September 13, 2009




Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tonness of Deadliness!!! >.<

Sorry for not updating lately.... Now... I felt that I needed more time to complete all my tasks.. Felt that so many things left undone.. So many deadlines to rush... @@ Ahhhhh~~~ I believe I will get crazy soon if I don't get a break... But semester break is soooo far away!!! >.<>.< ARGHHH~~~~~ Okie.. Back to assignment..... Actually I had lots of things to update.... But didn't have the time to do so..... Now... 得闲死唔得闲病

Friday, August 07, 2009


Lately I am feeling really temperamental...
Feel like throwing my temper on someone...
Feel like breaking all the dishes at home...
Feel like breaking down like a baby into someone's arms...
Just feel like breaking something or hitting something...
I have no idea why am I feeling so...
Maybe it's because of all those things I have to do every week...
Maybe it's because I don't like being the elder sister...
Maybe it's because I like to be left alone...
Maybe it's because of all these dramas that happened lately...
Maybe it's because of all this stress I get studying both diploma and uni...
Or maybe... I am just homesick....
I don't know...
I guess I need to chill.. A lot.....

Tuesday, August 04, 2009



Sunday, August 02, 2009

Christina's Bday

I was invited to Christina's bday on the 18th last month.. She is a nice Hongkie girl I knew from my International Finance class last year... ^^ (P/s: No.. She is not that biatch... ^^)

The Bday girl and her cake... She is hungry.... LoL~
Bday gal and mua... ^^
Her girl friends and me... ^^ The girl next to me is Debra also from Msia.. ^^"
Group photo... ^^ Allllll Hongkies... =)

Its nice to get to know some new friends... Though only talked that night... Bsides cz of my 'cool' character... Didn't talk that much... LoL~ But I did have fun~ =)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Miss home...

Maybe it's because all these dramas that happened lately,
Or maybe because been feeling lonely,
Or maybe because been feeling stressed and tired,
Or maybe...
This is the longest time I left home for such a long long time...
Normally I will go back for 2 or 3 weeks during July holiday..
Or even 10 days during semester break...
Yeah I am a spoil brat...
I miss home...
I miss my parents' arms that I could go into...
I miss laughter in my family...
I miss my dearest mommy that cares so much for me...
I miss my playful daddy that 'tortures' me sometimes...
I miss my naughty sisters that give me headaches all times..
I miss my true-est friends who never abandon me....
I miss my bestest car that drives me wherever I wanna go...
I miss the cheapest food that could make me drool...
I miss being pampered and loved by my family and friends...
I have never been away from home that long...
Does anyone miss me? =(

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Biatch.. Please mind your own business

There's this biatch who either envy my sis too much or really have nothing to do or is brainless... We don't really mind that you backstab us... But please.... Be a civilised person... Stop talking bad about our parents... It's none of your business what our parents do... Actually... It isn't even your business what did my sis do.... Who is she with... Someone talk bad about our dearest dad.. Biatch.. You are not even Malaysian.. How the hell you know who my dad is? How well do you know us? Even my closest friends here don't know much about my family.. What position are you in to BS so much? We are civilised and educated well enough to be what we are... Well.. All I can say is.... We can't blame you how your upbringing was.... =)

P/s: I think with everything you said, we could sue you for libel.. (If you duno wat libel is? Check the dictionary IF you have one...) But we are well educated, so we can't blame you for being so ignorant... =)

Monday, July 27, 2009

3 days without internet

I woke up early on Friday morning... My usual routine once I woke up? Facebook-ing... Yeahh.. I admit I am a freakin' facebook 'stalker'... Haha~ Don't get me wrong.. I would only stalk on your applications... Your flowers or your plants.... Mafia war... etc... Hahahaha~

Okie... Friday morning I woke up reaaally early.. I bet I should thank my early classes... I now wake up before 10:30am... Working at 12pm.. Usually wake up at 11am... But I woke up at 9:30am.... =____=" Then I realised my line is not working!!!! It needed password and I forgot what the password was and my housemate was still asleep.... Great... =.=" Then I watched Jap dramas... After work my housemate called me telling that we cant login... And I called up the internet provider and he said he will ask someone to return our call.. At the end... We still didn't get our internet back... >.<

We paid by direct debit.. And we always thought they direct debited from our account... But they had the wrong account number and they disconnected our line.... Therefore..... No line for the weekend... (FYI: Australian offices don't open on weekends)... Thank god I had things to do for the weekend.. Saturday noon went to company Vicki sing k... She is gonna enter a singing competition... Then we had dinner at Sunnybank at night... Sunday went to buy Yuyu's bday present with Fang then night went to sing k again.. (Yuyu's bday party)...

3 days without internet? I wasn't able to complete my task given by our LOTE group.... Without internet I wasn't able to do research on my discussion topic that I had to hand in today... Without internet I had panick whole weekend about submitting my discussion topic online.....


Dear Mr. Internet, Will you marry me? >.<

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My first day at college

Today woke up at 6:55am...... Why? Cause from orientation yesterday, then we were told that class starts next day..... Tiam lah this TAFE.... And after orientation and my first lesson today, I realised I paid AUD6000++ to get tortured.... Almost everyday for this semester, I have to wake up at 6:55am.... Great... I haven't woke up that early since TTSS years... My earliest class in Uni was during Year 1... 10am... And I nvr went to that lecture cz that dude was too boring... (Okay, half was because I cant wake up) Well at least I pass...

TTSS years, only have to wake up at 6:30am cause I only had to brush up and change into sch uniform.. Get into the car then wear socks and shoes and eat breakfast... Now... 8am start class... SHYT.... =.=" Have to wake up that early to start struggling out of the cozy bed... (p/s: Winter now..) Then go brush up.... Start 'mi mi mo mo' + gazing on my laptop for few minutes... Then change and make up..... Thank god my bus station is only less than 5 minutes away... And thank god that it only take less than 5 minutes to destination... And another 5 minutes to walk to the block where my classes are....

First day in class.... Got to know 2 Japanese (Ayako - Solicitor, Makiko), 2 Taiwanese (Amy, Karen), 1 Singaporean aka gehpoh aunty (Joanne) and 1 Korean (Jung Eun).... (Wao.. I am impressed of my memory.. LoL~) Then at the beginning of the class I am pretty sure they think that I am very cool... Cause I must look really fierce without smiling as I was day dreaming as usual.. Not fully awake from my dream...

Started to do sight translation during the last hour of the 4 hours class... (Sight translation-Terus translate from the document you get). My brain was either rusty or still asleep. Simple words like 'Duty-free' also don't remember how to translate. Then... Cant remember how to write 免税的税... Forgive me... Haven't been writing Chinese since graduate TTSS.. I do use Chinese in my daily life.. But blame the amazing computer programs please.... ^^

After class, went to get my student ID done... Thank god the queue is not as long as yesterday.. After that, went to have lunch with Christina in the city.. Then went shopping... Went to Lancome counter and I was gazing at the sign for about 1min++.. Christina asked what happen and what am I looking at... Without moving my gaze from the sign I pointed at it... It's actually a sign saying that there will be a $20 off for purchases of $150 and above... =.="

Conclusion: I am sleep walking whole day.... Now... I am sleep typing.. Cause its time to go to bed... =)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Harry POTTER!!!

I was looking at the movie time for Transformers for tomorrow as no one wants to watch it with me or they have already watched it with someone.... I found a friend who haven't watch it... Then... I saw HARRY POTTER IS COMING ONSCREEN ON WEDNESDAY!! I was soooo excited... And started to 'drag' everyone to go with me.. ^^ I wanted to watch the premiere~~ But the first premiere would b at 9.30am... I don't wanna struggle from keeping my eyes open and my excitement to wake up that early for the movie.... And I wanted to watch it on the 25 metre cinema.... 12++pm would be the 2nd one.... 3.40 would be the third... As I love to share my excitement with many many friends..... I chose the 3.40 one as all of them would be out of school and work by that time... ^^ I am soooo happy~~ I am gonna watch twice like all others!!!

Without hesitating, I bought all 6 tickets for everyone..... Muahaha~ Why I love Southbank Cinema? Cause its cheap and it has a huge 25 metre screeen~ ^^

Sharon... This would be the first Harry Potter we wouldn't be watching together....... >.<

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Personality of a Pisces

Got this from Facebook.. Felt that it's quite accurate.. It was in Mandarin and I wanted to train my brain to translate it to English.. Will shorten it... Bear with me... ^^

Most horoscope explains Pisces as women's horoscope as Pisces easily cry and sigh. Nature: What is Pisces most natural personality? Kind? Weak? Gentle? That's untrue, Pisces love to ponder, in most circumstances, they over think too much. No other horoscope is better in observing and analyzing people than the Pisces. You could say that they are sensitive, but when this kinda sensitivity is correctly utilised, no one could deal with people better than the Pisces. To the Pisces, it would rather be said that kindness is a method to live than being its natural personality. Almost every article mentioned that the Pisces are gentle. The Pisces are gentle because they are sensitive enough to understand people's small changes even from people's action.

Pisces' fatal weakness: Weak
Pisces are disappointing in the reality, being weak, skeptical, inferior, indecisive... There is a reason behind Pisces being indecisive. In making the same decision, a Sagittarius may only consider two consequences; however a Pisces would think of up to 10 consequences because he/she really worries too much. To make it simple, Pisces would think of the different effects that could be caused by the 'situation', whether or not it wil cause misunderstandings etc. (Though most of the time Pisces are impulsive and might blurt out something)

As for being skeptical or paranoid, that could be linked with the personality of being inferior. Although Pisces could easily understand someone's purpose and see through facts, they often could not stand firm on their perspective. This is because the Pisces are unwilling to accept the fact and most of the time lack of self confidence. For example, a female Pisces would still have hopes if a guy would not tell her he doesn't love her anymore even though she knows the fact. The Pisces is weak, you could mock on his/her cowardice or weakness. However different Pisces has different endurance limit. When a Pisces is at his/her limit, you might wanna be careful as they could ignore sensibility, law and even dignity.

Pisces best virtue: Affection/Relationship 感情
Rather than saying that the Pisces lived for 'Love', it would be better to describe them as living for 'Relationships'. The most important thing in the world is relationship for the Pisces. Any type of relationships are important, family is more important than love. Pisces could forgive everything as long as that person treats him/her well whole-heartedly. Don't think you could deceive the Pisces as they are smarter than you. He/She knows things better than anyone.

For a guy, a female Pisces could give you anything, from being gentle, loving you whole-heartedly, adorable, considerable... For a lady, it depends on your luck when you find a male Pisces. If you found one who likes to play, not ambitious, and already at the age of 25, please leave him as soon as possible unless you are a rich lady who is looking for a lover (no one is more suitable than the Pisces). Or else you will be experiencing the worst marriage and life, Amen... However if you found an ambitious Pisces or even one with a successful career, thank Lord because you are the luckiest lady. You could get all the care and happiness, including those that could be bought with or without wealth as a Pisces is willing to give everything to the person he loves in order to make her happy.

The word fairness is important for the Pisces. Always remember in Pisces' world there ain't any true or false. However how would a Pisces treat others (especially in a relationship)? Fairness is the key word. For example, if this Pisces had 10-20 girlfriends before, he won't bother how many boyfriends you ever had. However if Pisces accidentally had a 'one night stand', he would choose not to bother if you had one. Even if your Pisces is very innocent and you are his/her first, he/she will forgive that you were once a playboy/girl as long as you make up with enough care and sincerity. Therefore, its easy to be with a Pisces as long as you could guarantee to give and devote fairly. On the other hand, if the Pisces felt that your care and love isn't enough (as in lesser than he/she gave you), after suffering for some time, he/she will lessen his/her care and love towards you.

Believe it or not, a Pisces is very realistic and fussy in this aspect. A Pisces care less, therefore unluckily, a Pisces would seek for perfection in things he/she cares. Being perfect isn't being loyal nor having perfect figure, Pisces wants a 'perfect love'. You could occasionally say 'I love you', but you have to mean it when you say it. You could occasionally go shopping with her, but you must be happy with you are companying her. You could occasionally sweet talk but must guarantee that you have lesser sweet talks with others than her. Many people thinks that simply saying 'I love you', sending sms from time to time, buying decent things for the Pisces will make them feel they are being loved. But unfortunately, most of them are too smart and could differentiate whether these actions are out of sincerity or not. Do not be happy if you had ever used this kind of trick on a female Pisces, its because she does not reject people easily. Therefore, be truthful to a Pisces, she will love you as much as you love her; at least its better than offending her right?

Many said that Pisces are romantic. But most people who knows Pisces (especially male) would not be able to experience the romance of a Pisces. This is because he might have tonnes of romantic ideas but does not have the confidence to execute them. And in the situation of a confident Pisces, you might not think he is romantic because you might not be the one he is looking for.

A male Pisces might 'Like' someone easily (Like not love!), after being together with this girl, there is a huge possibility that he will realise that this girl is not someone who could give him the perfect love he is looking for, in other words, soulmate. He/She would be very realistic and knows that he/she would not have any future besides memory with this person. When a Pisces had less sweet talk and action, this would mean that he/she knows that this person is not their soulmates and is too kind to breakup this relationship.

To be a good Pisces, the most essential element is career. One day if you found a successful Pisces, do not hesitate and do not let him go. As there is a high possibility he will fulfill your dreams with you.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Things change

The sky isn't always blue,
Grey when its gonna rain,
Orange, pink or purple during dusk and dawn...
Not every friendship could last forever,
Some could be affected by other friendship,
By the distance or time,
By work or life that is moving on everyday,
By misunderstandings,
Once upon ago you might be bestest friends,
Shared everything in life with them,
But this friendship may not last like how you thought it would...
Misunderstandings may ruin a friendship,
But it might also strengthen a friendship...
A hand couldn't clap by itself...
Initiation is needed in order to maintain...
The word "each other" is important in a friendship...
All these reminded me of the graduation autographs we wrote when we were in primary school...
Friends forever, forget me not, 友谊万岁, etc. were our favourite words...
But how many friendship that had really maintained since then?
Always bear in mind....
Not everything could last forever...
However I didn't mean to not treasure friendship...
Treasure those who treasure you...
Be thankful to God for what you have now...
Be thankful to God that I have more than 5 true friends...
Yes... These true friends are friends I believe that would be able to maintain forever...
Time, distance, life won't make our friendship shatter..
However we will treasure our growing up together..
I believe in God and believe in fate...
We are meant to be together we will be together forever my dear friends.....

Friday, July 03, 2009


奋斗! 努力! 加油吧, PHAEDRA HING!!!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Another Late Post: My bday..

Okie.. I shud hv posted this entry monthsss ago.... Bday celebration had started during the weekend... Vicki's bday was on 20th Feb and mine is just more than a week later.. Then we decided to celebrate it together.. My bday was on a Tuesday.. Bday party was on 27th.. Partied for 2 nights.. 27th.. Vicki and mine @ CM Concert 红馆.. 28th.. Ben's @ Echoes.. LoL~
The gals that attended the party... Guys were shy.... =.="
The 2 bday gals singing.. Haha~
The 211 gang... Last few standing up.. The rest went home... ^^"
Dapat ambil gambar begitu lagikah?
Lastly.. A photo to show my SS skill.. ^^

NEXT: 28th FEB - Ben's bday.. ^^
Met Kevin for the first time in Brisbane after Kevin and I have been here for years... The gal next to me is Pei Shan from Malaysia too.. ^^
Lester Lu and me.. Everytime we meet up sure in Karaoke.. From UK to KK to Brisbane.. ^^"
Ben's bday treat... Whole jug of beer all for himself... ^^Adeline helping Ben... Hoho~
Me and the bday boi... 4 1/4 years old... Memang lil kid not adult yet.. ^^
Me and 2 leng zai... (*cough*)
Felix helping Ben lagi.... -___-" Gai 0o Ben.. ^^
Lastly a photo of 2 sexy ladies... Muaxxx~

NEXT: 3rd March 2009 Lunch with Christina and Dinner with Fong, Fong's Bro, G, XY and sis..

Lunch with Christina @ Soho
My Dinner... Of course its mushroom sauce... LoL~
Dinner @ Morrison Hotel... Steak were a bit burnt.. But sauce not bad.. @@
Dessert @ Freestyle... ^^
My bday cake wah... Too sweet.... I wont eat... Fong's actually.. LoL~Saw their fingers? Candle konon... ^^"

NEXT: 4th March 2009 - My bday dinner with Jamie.. ^^

Dinner with Jamie @

My bday celebration this year... ^^" Haha~~~ 多姿多彩??? ^^