Friday, April 25, 2008

Busy~~~ >.<

I don't care if people say that I am showing off I am busy or what laa~ I still wanna show off my assessment time table... =p






31/03/08 ~ 3/04/08

AYB 321

  • Quiz on Lecture 1-3 (Starts & ends at 9pm)


14th April

AYB 321

  • Tutorial Assessment


16th April

AYB 325

  • Mid-Semester Exam (Lecture)


16th April

IBB 300

  • Written Report


21st April

AYB 321

  • Case Study Draft to be handed in


28th April

AYB 321

  • Case Study Final Hand-in
  • Quiz on Lecture


30th April

IBB 300

  • Group Presentation


8th May

IBB 300

  • Individual Case Study


12th May

IBB 217

  • Essay


19th May

AYB 321

  • Tutorial Assessment


21st May

AYB 325

  • E-Tax Group Project


29th May

IBB 217

  • Individual Presentation & Summary


2nd June

AYB 321

  • Quiz on Lecture

Realised I have case studies for all the units??? Crazy 0o!!! Who can help me with all these? No one.. >.< I am alone........ In handling this crazy war....... So dear blog... Bear with me cause I cant update you so often anymore.....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What Should I Do?

Lately.. Tak happy.. Why? Cause of some stuffs.. Friends.. LoL~ And of course.. When I realised this is already my 3rd year in Brisbane.. I realised I did not gain much... Besides education... I didn't really get to know many friends.. Still stick to the same gang since 1st year... Aiyoo~ Social reject la me~ Haha.. Was wondering whether should I go on with my plan? That is to continue working in Brisbane and get PR (Permenant Resident) here... After 2 years or so.. Then proceed with my Master Degree in UK... Or... Go to UK for my masters straight after I graduate.. One thing in consideration.. Sis is planning to come over next year... And end of this year I am gonna graduate.... Any suggestions?

Friday, April 18, 2008


Okie... I really realise I am having big problem lately... Makin old makin blur... That day.. I was doing my tutorial homework... Did the tutorial homework whole day tu! Haha~ Did and edited answers la... Went home... Started to copy paste files from my usb into my lappy...

Do you believe what happened? I accidentally cut and paste the file into a wrong folder.. Which have my tutorial homework on it.. The file which I cut and paste has the same file name as my tutorial homework.... When window asked me whether I wanna replace or not.. Without hesitation.. I just clicked YES!!! WHAT THE..... I terus hang liao a while... Then realised what happened... Terus stunned.... Then MWK... Then felt like banging the wall... Okie.. Enough... You guys know what's going on... That was why my MSN nick that few days was that I wanna suicide.. Hahahaha~

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Process of House Moving..

4th April 2008

This was the day we finally moved into our new apartment in Gabba Central.. Compared to our old apartment which was in the city.. This place much quieter.. No more 'kling klang' noise from the garbage man and the bottle collector in the middle of the night.. No more 'bing bang bong' from the new apartment that is building up early in the morning.. Haha~ Coles supermarket is just downstairs.. Could just walk down and buy a fresh apple when I feel like eating apple.. LoL~ The stadium is just nearby.. The karaoke is just few blocks away.. The bus station is just 3 minutes away...

Well.. On the day we started to move... Some problems came out suddenly... The ute rental company suddenly woke me up in the morning with a crazy news... Saying that our application for renting a ute from them has been decline and no reason is to be given.. What the... Terus woke up and started to find ways to get a ute... Aiyoo..... At the end... Li Jia had to pinjam van from his previous 'Lao Ban Niang'... So instead of driving a ute.. I drove a van.. Haha.. FYI.. Among them I am the only one who knows how to drive manual.. That's why I ended up driving a huge van.. ^^" So rugged looking le... And chubby.. =.="After whole day moving all the big stuffs from Charlotte to Gabba.. We went up to Springfield to return the van to 'Lao Ban Niang'.. Also.. We decided to have our dinner there.. After whole day of tiring work.. We decided to enjoy a nice meal.. Haha~ Didn't take photos of our delicious meal.. Took photos of our dessert instead.. ^^"
This was my banana fritters i-scream..This was Adam's (the only guy who helped us till the end.. ) Haha~

And these was Fang, Vicki and Jia's dessert.. Pancake I-scream and Fried I-scream.. Yummy~

Our Common Room~Vicki and My Study Room..
At the end.. We move most of our stuffs into this new apartment... Nice hor? But things are still not in place... Still very messy la... What do you expect le? These photos was taken on the day we moved into the house le... Haha~ Sorry for not being able to show you how my actual apartment is la.. Cause now still in a mess.. Though things are placed to where it suppose to be.. Not as messy as it was before.. But still messy le.. Hehe~ We are too busy lately with assignment, assessment and exams.. Forgive us.. Haha~ Though these are all excuses? =p

Friday, April 04, 2008

Moving Out From Charlotte..

Tomorrow we are gonna move out from Charlotte Towers.. Aih~~ Gonna miss here so much.. This is a perfect place to stay... Walking distance to Uni.. Right in the middle of the city... Walking distance to work.. Walking distance for shopping.. Wonderful view.. Especially during River Fest.. River views... Haha~ Okie.. I have to stop.. The more I describe.. The more I will miss this place...
I will definitely miss this alfresco where we study.. And watch the beautiful city and river view from... Huge place for us... Suitable for us with so many things.. ^^"

And I will miss this view.... Hmmm~ Will I be able to see this in few months time?? Or?

Aih~ Will definitely miss staying here... Had so much fun staying here.. So many happy memories~ Make up sessionss... Mahjong... Wonder when can I play mahjong again? @@" Actually the lease here ends in 2 weeks time.. We didn't really have to move out so soon.. But after few times of rejection from the agents and few times being 'tipu-ed' by Oaks (Charlotte Tower's Management).. We rather find a new place ASAP in case we will be homeless by the end of our contract.. Additionally.. The week our contract ends will be a busy week for all of us... Assignments, assessments, reports, quiz, mid-semester exams.. All on that week.. Crazy one.. =.="

So... No more staying in this luxurious large apartment la~ Will update you guys on our new apartment la~ Hopefully.. =.="

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools

Part I

When I was zombie walking to uni this morning for my 10am class.. Suddenly my dream this morning popped into my 'coconut'.. I was dreaming that suddenly I am chatting with my dad alone through msn.. Which is kinda impossible since he is a computer "genius"... Start chat chat chat.. Then he suddenly wanted to video call me and I said no because housemates are sleeping... Weird.. Cause in the apartment I am staying now.. Our study is the alfresco... So won't actually disturb anyone who is sleeping.. Then after telling dad that I wanted to go to bed.. Then I realised I wasn't actually chatting with dad.. It was Benny Ng... =.=" Don't know why.... I terus stunned and offlined.. After that I woke up... @@" Then I realised maybe this dream is just reminding me today its April Fools... Don't be fooled by your friends..

Part II

Why am I here typing this entry at 10:30am in the morning? Because I did something stupid.. I walked into the tutorial class.. And realised some unfamiliar people and tutor.. Of course.. And also unfamiliar lecture slides.. I thought I was early for my tutorial then I realised I was wrong.. I woke up for nothing on the only day I didn't have to wake up early for work or for class... My class today start at 6pm... I confused my Thursday timetable with today's...

Okay.. At the end.. Instead of being fooled by friends or fooling friends.. I was fooled by myself... I am still so sleepy now.. Gotta walk back home and continue oinking... Zzzz.....



Its all Adrian Yong's fault... I felt like a bai karr lui after seeing all these... But they are all so nice!!!!! How how how?? Teach me how to choose! I should be saving money for my trip to JAPAN!!!! But these shoes are dame nice!

This is a pair or men's shoes.. But I lovee the design! Pity my feet are not big enough to fit a men's size 7.. LoL~

This silver one looks cool..

This is another colow.. Pewter colour konon..

This is my favourite.. Cause its blue! Hehe~ Looks decent and low profiled..

What do you think? Any Ideas?