Monday, June 25, 2007

Declaration + Food + Fun

Dear all,

I guess this would be my last blog for few weeks... Tomorrow morning I will be heading to Melbourne with Bing and Entut.. Then will head to Adelaide from Melbourne with them on 1st July.. After that.. Will be heading back to Brisbane on the 4th noon.. Then back to Malaysia on 4th night.. Haha~ Tight schedule aye? Will try to update more when I have the chance to.. Stay tune~

Went to my all time favourite... Korean Food for dinner few days ago... Nice restaurant.. Forgot to snap photos of the restaurant.. But they do serve delicious food! This was what we eaten that night.. Wanted to try.. Lovely! Pork knuckle? 猪蹄.. Quite expensive laaa... AUD$25 for a plate like that..

This is my all time favourite... Beef rice.. Top layer with fish roe (MY FAV!!).. Middle layer with 紫菜... Bottom layer with Kimchi.. Yummy~~ The beef was lovely as well.. FYI.. Korean beef are usually delicious!

Actually just got back from Gold Coast visiting Kong Ma and Jien with Entut.. Bing wasn't able to go due to his last exam today.. Jien went to class today.. (Bonds Uni do have weird schedule..) Kong Ma brought Entut and me to Infinity..

Some kinda world with mirrors.. Kinda like kaleidoscope (万花筒).. Haha~ Quite frightening la.. Not so fun... Had to wear gloves and shoes 'covers' in order to find your way as the place could be quite dark... Looked weird.... LoL~

Was actually in Gold Coast since yesterday.. Went Harbour Town to shop and to Surfers Paradise.. Blame Entut.. Why? Many places we wanted to go ngam ngam close for either maintenance or don't know why.. Then today wanted to go some space something.. Also closed.. Haha~ Blamed him for all these... LoL~

Friday, June 22, 2007

I am freee~~~ (Bonus: Cheesecake Brownies)

YaY!!! I am free at last~ LoL~ Actually exam ended yesterday.. But couldn't seem to get online.. So wasnt able to update looo... Paisehh... Hehe~ Arghh.. Haven't been sleeping much since exam period.. Above was my 'drug'... My boost... My saviourrr..... During exam period.. Taken that before exam every time.. Or else will fall asleep during exam.. LoL~

Yesterday after exam ler... Wing came over and wanted to make something.. So I decided to make cheesecake brownies loo~ Got the recipe from the website and because had lotsa good comments then decided to make that loo...

I think that it taste weird.. But my friends said it was lovely.. Delicious worr... Hehe~ Happy~ LoL~ My friends became my guinea pig again.. Haha~ I didn't eat much as well.. Hohooh~ Let them turn fat~ Yay~ Haha.. Jk laaa~ Love to bake but don't like to eat.. Hehe~

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


This is a short crappy post.. BEWARE!!!

Do you know why Past Tense, Present Tense & Future Tense is added with tense but not other word?


Because... Your past, your present and your future are always so tensed! Don't you think so? Just like me.. Because I am too tensed now.. That's why I am writing such entry! (Present Continuous Tense)... Think guys thinks.... Don't you feel tense when you think of your past? Why did the time pass so quickly and I am getting old.. Why was I so stupid last time.. Why was I making a fool of myself in front of my crush.. Why was I.......

Future? Lagi tense! Think of your future.. Your career.. Your family... etc etc...

Now... Understand why they are all ended with the word "tense" already? =)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Papa's Day..

Today is the 3rd week of June.. Some people might say.. So what? Just normal day what... No guys.. Its Fathers' Day!!

Proudly present you.. My cute papa~

I must tell you guys what a great papa he is... He is always No.1 DAD in my heart... He came from a poor family.. But he became the most successful one in the family.. Being the younger brother in the family.. He not only helped his brothers and sisters no matter financially or mentally.. But also did his job as a son, a father and a husband... Even though his colleagues or his employees may think he is a serious boss.. But deep inside... He is humourous and very outgoing.. My close friends know how naughty he could be sometimes...
As for me.. Even though I am faraway.. He would still miss me always.. Mom said he will 'lao gai' (Canto) like a kid if I did not sms or call home for few days.. He will get grumpy and mad... Saying this eldest daughter doesn't love him doesn't miss him.. Hehe.. See how cute is he?? Many of my friends felt that I am like my daddy's 小情妇.. Cause will hold his hands and 嗲 him when I am out with him.. Dad would sometimes even say.. "Gal.. Don't stick to me like tht.. Later my friends thought I am bringing young girlfriend out.. And tell your mummy.." Hehe~ But when he said that.. I love to stick to him more!

He is a great father and a great uncle.. Always gives advices to my cousins.. My cousins love to talk to him when they are in trouble or in need.. No matter occupation or financial advices.. He talks a lot.. And because I have such a daddy.. My knowledge in business had expanded more.. When I have any problem in my uni work.. He would be able to explain them in many different aspects to make me understand better...

Even though he did not study much when he was young.. He worked very hard to be such a successful person now.. He had always been my idol.. He worked in different types of fields before.. From businesses to development to vehicle business and even go international.. He is a great guy... I am very proud to have such a father who not only love his wife but love his daughters!

There are too much to talk about on my papa... I know you may think that I am bossy... Hehe~ Showing off on my daddy.. Yeahh.. Because I AM PROUD to have such a papa! Muaksss!

Today it is fathers' day.. I smsed papa to wish him happy fathers' day.. And my sis replied the msg telling me that they had their meal in Hyatt today for celebration.. And she told me papa won fathers' putting competition (No idea what was that...). A buffet voucher in Hyatt was given and daddy said it was for me.. I was so touched.. !$%#@^&(% You know why am I so touched de la.. Just dunno how to explain my feeling..

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Terrible Terrible Terrible....

*sniff sniff* (Piling a basket of tissues in the bin..)

Gosh... Fancy having stupid flu during this important period.. Yeah! Exams!!! Gosh.. Mau mati liao.. Currently...

My BSB 114 exam just ended on Wednesday.. One of the most stressful one.. Hope can score higher marks laaa...

Started to have terrible sorethroat 2 nights before my first exam.. Then.. On the night before exam.. Extreme headache.. Till can't fall asleep.. Terpaksa eat satu biji Panadol.. I personally don't favour medicine.. Especially Panadol.. Why? Mama say 西药对身体唔好.. So I seldom eat Panadol especially.. Too much painkiller not good.. Only will eat them in time like this.. Urgently need sleep for exam.. LoL~ Mana tau.. Next morning wake up.. Worse.. Migraine..

Felt so giddy and blur that noon.. Go 7-11 buy energy drink wanna pay money.. Took the sanitary pad out instead of my purse.. Hak dao the cashier and Ah Khai.. LoL~

Till masuk examination hall.. Migraine hilang straightaway.. Saw my name on the board.. PM HING.... Hak dao yit ha.... LoL~ Cause I am the last student according to names in the class.. In exam write none stop for one and a half hours.. Till my hands also got 'kuah' already.. What 'kuah'? How it taste? What colour? It is transparent and should taste salty.. Cause its my sweat la.. Duhh...

Now ler.. My sorethroat turned into terrible flu... See that pile of tissues down there?? Yeah.. My "booty" from this terrible flu... LoL~

By "scrubbing" my nose against the tissue every minute like that.. Not only I will turn into a panda.. Slowly.. I will turn into Santa's favourite reindeer..

Rudolf the red nose reindeer... Has a very shiny nose~ Lalalalalala~~

Later 6 hours later.. I will be taking another "breath-taking" exam... Finance 1.. That's all about maths.. My worse subject since primary school... In this blur and sick situation.. Wish me luck on this subject tomorrow laa....

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Another Batch of Cookies...

Made another batch of cookies again that day... Suddenly have the feel to make... Haha~ Sorry... Above was the last batch I put into the oven.. Kinda forgotten about its existance.. ^^"

By the way.. Sorry my dear readers.. For not updating so frequently... Yes.. I have excuses.. First of all... Next week I am having my exams.. So no play play.. Secondly.. Line wasn't very stable therefore I was unable to login neither to read my fellow friend's bloggies.. Paisehh...

This is my dough... No more watery this time..

They have grown fat in the oven..

See... Nice and fine...

This batch was made by Vicki.. Wanna give her bf.. I still made the dough thou.. LoL~

There.. It came out nice...

Lastly.. Notice what does these 6 cookies represents?? LoL~~ Last batch.. Thats why so det han and so careless... ^^"

Well.. I will provide the recipe when I have got the best one.. Although the cookies was the best batch I ever made.. Hehe~ Go back KK had to learn more from Sha sha... ^^"

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Scotch Tape..

Whoa.. Now the world has became more and more high tech.. People are trying ways to be innovative, creative, motivative... Aiya.. Whatever "-tive" laa~ Asal... People really invented weird stuffs.. 2 days ago.. Went to Target.. Found this while shopping around...

My gosh.. This is such a creative tape dispenser! Fancy having such creation... =.=" Hahaz~ Maybe some of you have seen this kinda dispenser before and think that I sound like a kampung girl.. Making such fuss on such high tech stuffs...

Its easy to use.. Just tie the dispenser on ur hand like this.. And use... The pre-cut strips of tape would pop-up one at a time! Ideal for those who find normal tape troublesome for gif wrapping and book wrapping.. Hehe~ ^^"
Some people maybe use it "differently"... Hmm... Expand your imagination.....

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cooking + Baking..

Today.. Vicki, our main chef wasn't around as usual.. So me as the assistant chef had to cook.. Suddenly felt like cooking fried rice.. Last night after whole day no meal decided to try something new.. Tried frying kimchi fried rice.. And it was a success! So nice o0o~

Then today.. Suddenly have the feel to cook again... Cook for my housemates.. But today.. The fried rice wasnt as nice as last night.. Maybe cause I am still not use of cooking for too many.. Haha~ Will kelam kabut.. ^^"

Then.. At around 9pm.. Felt like continue sleeping.. Actually had been sleeping whole day.. Weather too nice.. Hehe~ But suddenly had the urge to bake... Then took out Vicki's recipe book.. And start being creative.. Made my own ingredients.. LoL~ And this came out.. Chocolate Nestum Cookie~

Felt like it gonna be a failure.. Since the batch was kinda watery...

Then.. Violaaa~ It came out~ And tasted quite good! Well.. I think it was because I put lotsa chocolate chips.. The texture actually taste like cake.. LoL~ Nevermind.. Most importantly.. My housemates said it is delicious~ 風味がよい~~

Conclusion: Okie.. I am gonna gain more calories, carbohydrates, fats, lipids..... Etc..

Friday, June 01, 2007

Children's Day Special

Today... 1st June.. Is the International Children's Day!

Didn’t know its Children’s Day today if Vicki didn’t suddenly said suddenly say.. "节日快乐!"..
And I was like... "Huh? What celebration?"
Then she told me that its the International Children's Day for kids under 14 years..
Then I said.. "Ouh.. But I am not a kid... 20 already.."
She said.. "屁叻!明明才19岁!" Haha~ She think too muchh...

*Sigh*... Poor me... Turned 20 already... My age starting with 2 already... I think I would be the kind of old lady that will start hidding my age when I turn older... And wouldn't admit the day my age starts with 3... Old old old... Suddenly felt that life is so cruel! This is already my 2nd Year in Australia.. Next year gonna graduate.. *Sigh....* Gonna split up with all my best friends here... *Sigh*...

International Children's Day has a Flag?? =.="

Ok.. Stop the crap.. Lets talk about International Children's Day (ICD)... こどもの日(Kodomo no hi).. 'Kodomo' means Kids.. 'Hi' means celebration... In Japan.. Their Children's day was held on 5th May.. And another celebration also for kids.. ひな祭り(Hinamatsuri) falls on my birthday~~ 3rd March.. Hey~ Meaning if I am in Japan.. I would always be a kid! Won't have to grow up! Yay!! Okay.. Have to stop being so xing fen.. Haha... *SLAP SLAP*! PHAEDRA HING! WAKE UP!! Who the h*ll won't grow up and could be kids for the rest of their lives?!?!?!

Suddenly.. I recalled the time when I was in Primary School.. Don't really remember starting from which year.. Suddenly our school started to celebrate Children's Day.. Which falled on Saturdays... Smart aye our school? So weekdays can't let us play and have holiday.. We had to go back to school on Saturdays for the celebration... Whoa... Games... Lucky Draws... Food Food and FOOD!!! Junk food.. KFC.. McD.. Or whatever.. Don't really remember.. Just remember we get to get one box of 'dunno-what' fast food.. Haha! And I remember I won the lucky draw once.. And was given some exercise books and pastel colours... Haha.. Typical presents from school.. Can't expect to get a motorbike kan?

Summary: I am no more a kid.. Already an adult.. Next year can vote already... Since not involved in this celebration... Therefore had been home alone whole day... Till now.. =.=" Housemates satu with BF.. And the couple went out don't know where... I should be studying... LoLz~~

Okay.. Stop here.. Guess no one interested in ICD oso... ^^" Just let me talk more laa....