Monday, May 28, 2007

Charlotte Tower - Interior

Yuhuu... Some of my friends such as Sharon Chin kept asking me to post up the interior of our new apartment.. At last get to take nice photos after a big clean up that day.. ^^"

Mua Nest...

The place where I burn my food and give me additional calories..

The Alfresco area which had been made as our Study.. Where I battle and where I can commit suicide..

Beautiful View we see in the Alfresco...

Where I lost my slumber...

Where I sh*t and pe*.. Where someone can be naked inside... >.<

Housemates' PigSty... :$ Or Love Nest?

The Ensuite of the Master Bedroom.. Quite small hor?

Nice? Satisfied with the photos? Haha.. Can't blame me laa.. No good camera.. Using phone's camera only.. Considered good enough edi! Haha... Hope you guys enjoyed seeing the interior of my new place la... ^^"

Friday, May 25, 2007

Harry Potter

Found this edition of Harry Potter in the bookshop... So nice hor!

Now I am trying to find Lord of the Rings trilogy.. Wanna find the collection.. From the side of 3 of the books stacked together will be the words of Lord of the Rings.. Saw it long time ago in KL.. But parents don let me buy... =.=" Really wanna find it.. Tried to search for them from Ebay Australia.. But no results.. Any ideas?


After working on the Government Business and Society Assignment (Something like Social Studies), I have been having insomnia.. @@" Maybe due to several nights of 'burning midnight oil' when doing the assignment, now I cant get my sleeping time on track.. God.. I feel so tired now yet couldn't sleep.. Oh gui laaa~ These photos tell you all..

C this goldfish eyes? Ya.. You will have such eyes when you sleep late... Bulgy and swollen... Sharon.. Not like yours.. Yours swollen eyelids macam wanna close.. Mine swollen the eyes macam wanna open till drop out.. macam goldfish.. LoL!

Well.. This goldfish is not like me.. Couldn't seem to find a photo of goldfish with swollen eyes.. It has swollen mouth instead of eyes.. Reminded me of what I had when I have my allergies last time.. This fish looks like John Howard? =.="
(FYI: John Howard is the Prime Minister of Australia)

Okie... Seriously.. You can see those black circles and those eyebags under my eyes? Gonne turn into panda..

Hey.. Maybe I turn into a panda I would be cuter? Wont be as ugly looking as now.. ^^"

Any suggestions on how to let me sleep soundly and turn my sleeping time back on track? Sleeping pills?

Maybe I will be sleeping just like a pig for 24 hours after having the pills! =D

Ok... I really gotta get some sleep.. It's already around 6am... And I am happily looking at the sky getting brighter and brighter... Hmm... Should I be happy? =.="

Thursday, May 24, 2007

!@#&@!*&%$ Smoke Alarm!

(*%$%#^&(%^#@!!!! Git si!! Today waken up by the stupid smoke alarm... Whole morning noisy like h*ll! Whoaaaa~ I wanna die liao I tell u... Sudah insomnia everyday... Wanna have a nice sleep also susah... Till now still will bising suddenly... Helpppp~ Dunno what problem.. Whole block de smoke alarm take turns ring.. T.T

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


好烦哦!今天assignment拿回来了…… 成绩不怎么满意……做了那么久,还因为它烦的现在睡觉时间调理不回来…… 真是可怜…… 因为它也流了不少泪…… T.T" 唉…… 烦死了!我不要fail这一科啊!看到那个臭lecturer就讨厌了!我也不能fail啊!会被我爸妈斩死的!唉!做人烦……做学生也烦……做社会人士更烦!=.="


我的面试呢……算蛮成功的……老板要我等他的电话……后来晚上他打电话来的……说他们打算采用另一个人……可能是因为我要求的时间有点过分吧~哈哈~因为考完试以后还要跟健彬和周恩德去Melbourne和Adelaide…… 所以我大概只有1/7才能继续上班……要那蛮长的假期……哈哈~还没跟他说我要回KK呢~要不然他肯定疯掉吧~哈哈~不过他offer我另一个更高难度的工作……他说那天interview觉得我的communication skill不错……想叫我做接电话的……然后有可能会跟client起冲突……哈哈哈~笑话~还要我跟client起冲突?我不是罗运新……没有他那么厉害~哈哈~不过我也没有直接拒绝她……只说我可能没有办法communicate well if there is a conflict with the client……不过如果他让我尝试我是非常愿意的……哈哈~回答得不错吧~他说会把我的resume留着……会尽快给我答复…… 所以这份工也不抱什么大希望啦~

然后呢……第二天又接到电话了……是另一家公司打来的…… Ok.. I give up on writing chinese.. The call was from another company SAP.. Suddenly then I remembered about this company.. It was the company I was thinking about all along when I took the loop to uni last time.. Why? Cause it reminded me of Sharon and Manda.. Hehe~ Sharon, Amanda, Phaedra -- SAP.. =.=" Hehe~ They asked me to go for an interview on Friday..

Well.. Suddenly I think maybe I shouldn't start looking for jobs now.. Haha~ Just now when I am in tutorial I guess some other company called as well.. As it was from an unknown number.. ^^" Somehow, somewhere in my heart I wished that I couldn't get those jobs.. Cause will cause some trouble as well.. Since I would be going to Melbourne and Adelaide after my exams.. Have to take leave for exams again... After Adelaide have to go back to KK again.... @@" Mom insists... And my dear friends miss me even though they don't wanna come and visit me? ^^" So will go back KK laaa~

Just got a dame bad news... My presentation I did with my group mate few weeks ago? The result is out.. Da**it... Git si o0o~ My tutor got problem one... >.<" She said our content for the presentation was great... But we look at our notes too much.. And because of that.. We just got 5.8/10! GOD! !@#^%$&#^&@@ Chi sin one o0o!!! We didn't stick our eyes on the notes only pun! Got look at the audience de looo! My group mate even used the slides to present!!! What the..... Get so low marks! Han si my tutorial assessment she gave me so low marks liao even though I passes up every time!!! Nget sai o0o0o! Must do bad appraisal on her!

Friday, May 18, 2007


My gawd..... Suddenly I am getting 2 job interviews in 2 days! 1 is considered as training commencing on Monday... Working in a Sushi and Juice bar... Free sushi and juice when I am on duty... Normally if I go and 'dabao' juice or sushi when I am off duty.. I will have more than 50% discount on what I buy... Another one would be working as an invoicing clerk in a company named Insurserv.. Monday 4:30pm would be my interview.. Informal.. The lady will show my what is the workload and the work about..

Both haven't confirm whether can I get the job yet.. For the sushi and juice bar it would be easy as training just takes few days with low pay.. Have to memorise juice formula.. As in how to make juices... =.=" memorising stuffs is one of the worse things I can do...

As for the clerk one.. Pay would of course be much higher.. Haven't really asked about the wages.. However, the things I have to do is quite easy for me I hope.. As I have done all those this year during my training in daddy's company.. Which is invoicing, data entries, etc... So please do help me pray and wish me luck on the job~ >.<


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dinner + Dessert

Yum yum~ Lovely dinner yo~~~~~ With dessert made for dinner next day.. Yummy~ But suppose to have happy dinner together.. Manatau.. Satu cook till half keluar jumpa boyfriend.. Yang couple itu? Ada arguement... At the end? Saya makan sendiri... T.T Then malam couple balik baru memanaskan makanan..

My Favourite~ Brinjal~ I made yo~

Vicki made this before leaving.. Nice~ My favourite too~ Indeed a good cook! 1st time yo~

It mite not look nice but it taste nice~

Slice of tiramisu~

Made a small one..

Hey~ My malay haven't 退步 o0o~ Hehe~ Those are the delicious food I felt that should be shared with you guys.. LoL~

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bus Stop Ad

Sorry for not updating my blog lately.. Nothing much to post as did nothing much.. ^^" Well.. This is a post I forgotten about..

That night went to uni to do my assignment with my housemates.. Jia parked his car somewhere outside our uni and something caught my attention.. The ad on the bus stop outside my uni..

And I tried to see whether can I really download by just standing there.. Mana tau.. Really can~ Whoaa~ Cool~ Just switch on your bluetooth and you will be connected.. But didn't get to download the whole thing cause I was there to do my assignment not downloading music by the bus stop! Kena scold by my housemates.. LoL~

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Movie World with Family - 30 April 07

Went to Movie World again.. This time.. With my family.. FYI... My parents went back on 1 May midnight.. ^^" Took some photos... Nice nice yoo~ This time, the Police Academy Stunt Show was my favourite.. Of course.. Scooby-Doo Spooky Ride is still my all-time favourite.. The show was funny and exciting.. You get to experience real explosion and fire.. Pity dad's new Sony Camera low battery.. Didn't take many photos.. Daddy forgot to recharge it.. No use with 2gb memory stick.. LoL~

While Waiting for the Show to Begin... The entertainer before show starts.. Funny Man

He demanded to have this pic taken.. They are all audience..

Went to look at the all-star parade with my youngest sis while my parents and other sisters went to take the Looney Tunes Coaster..

Daffy and his Daffy Beattle..

Scooby Spooky

Nah Sharon.. Your Justice League.. ^^

Join my parents and other sisters... Waiting to take photo with Batman and his vehicle...

See Batman behind us? Waiting for him to come nearer..

Mana tau disturbed by SYLVESTER.. Ishhh~ LoL~ If u get wat I mean Syl.. ^^

Batman's new toy..

My sisters and mum... Batman & Robin..

Harry Potter Shop..

Scooby, Wilma and Shaggy..

Had a happy and tiring day...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Trapped In The Lift..

Today.. Bing supposed to come over to my apartment and help me with my presentation powerpoint.. I went down to meet up with him and Khai.. Khai came over as well cause he and Bing wanted to go do their assignments together.. Took the lift up to my apartment and suddenly "BANG"! We were stuck in the lift at level 9 with 2 other angmos.. No YS and LXY.. They are not liang mois.. LoL~

Trapped at Level 9.. Noticed that it hasn't show "Out of Service" sign yet?

So bored... Didn't bring my 3.2MP phone with me.. Used a 2.0 instead

Called up the technicians from the lift using the button there.. No.. No line in lift.. >.<" Then waited to be "rescued" for about 45 minutes.. God.... Bored si ngai.. Bing sat down and play with his NDS.. =.=" Then suddenly the door opened and we ended up rescued at level 25! Just a level before my apartment! Langsung no feel kena pulled up! Terus Bing got lift-phobia edi.. LoL~ Don't dare to take the lifts in my apartment..

The lady that was trapped in the lift with us told us that she was trapped in a lift three times.. Twice in our apartment.. So.. Actually we won't be trapped de.. But that ang mo too hok bahhh.. LoL~

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Make Up...

That night.. After a tiring day companying parents to Gold Coast.. Suddenly have the urge to do make up on Li Jia.. Fang's BF.. Yeah.. He is currently staying with us.. Still looking around for new house.. Then I asked Fang..

Dra: 芳,Vicki, 我们帮李佳化妆吧!
Fang: 好啊~老公……好不好?
佳:嗯……(In a gaming situation)

Then terus.. All of us pull him into the room and did a complete makeup... Took lots and lots of pic that made us laugh till forgotten who are our parents... Pity... Couldn't publish his amazing and sexy photo of being a lady on my blog... As I had promised Li Jia that his photos would not be exposed... >.<"

Then, Vicki suddenly said after we had finished torturing Li Jia..

Vicki: 芳,我们帮Phaedra化吧~
Fang: Okay~~~

I was like.. =.=" At the end I got it.. But its worth it as we get to see a bondan.. LoL~

Lala~ Looked weird?

Curi taken by Vicki.. She did my lashes.. Long hor~

So Paiseh.. Was in my pyjamas... =.="