Thursday, March 29, 2007


Oh My God!! A fire had destroyed 10 shoplots in Sunnybank's Market Square this evening.. A few of my friends claimed that they smelt smoke.. It was really a shock for me when I heard it from Fang when I called her from uni just now. Why? Because I just went there last week to have lunch with Jien, Kong Ma and Bing.. I had a great shock the most serious one was the supermarket where I always shop last time! And incredibly.. Youtube was fast! A video of the fire came out!

Well.. Lately many things happened in Australia.. Jien told me she saw 2 accidents just now.. FYI, Jien is staying in Gold Coast with Kong Ma... Then I saw from the news that the Jupiters Casino in Gold Coast was on fire as well this evening.. Luckily not much damage.. Just 2 floors had to be evacuated.. Besides that, there were at least three person killed when a ferry struck and sank a private boat under the Sydney Harbour Bridge late last night. I saw the news in the citycat today that two of three of them were ice skating judges! God... Many unfortunate stuffs.. And moreover.. Today is not a good day for me too. Hahaha...

Monday, March 26, 2007

B'day Party @ Newway

Haha~ Aiyooo.. Not my b'day party lar... It's my friend Wing's b'day party.. At first we went to have our luxurious dinner in "don't know what" seafood restaurant.. Goshh.. More than 8 dishes I think.. Even drank shark's fin soup! The b'day girl spended us dinner... After dinner, went to Newway Karaoke.. Get to know a few more China friends and some Hongkies.. But most I know them and seen them.. Haha~ The only close ones are Fang, Yuyu, Li Jia.. Others would be either seen them somewhere around when I was hanging out with Fang and Wing.. LoL~ Lemmi show you the photos we taken..

Zeee.... B'day Lady- Wing and Me..

Yuyu, Me and Fang.. (I am stuck in the middle by 2 gorgeous ladies.. >.<)

Me and Yuyu.. I am the "act cute will look weird" type.. So natural will do.. LoL~

Me and Fang.. ^.^

Well... Had lotsa fun that night.. Wing's friends wanted me to drink.. But I am a good girl... Without Dear, won't drink.. Dear... I obedient or not jek? Hehehe~ And have to thank Lawrence (Hongkie) for sending Yuyu and me back all the way from Sunnybank.. Feel bad cause made him send us all the way back.. But wish him luck in chasing Wing lar~ LoL~

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Anime vs Studies

Currently I have been very attracted and addicted to an animation.. The Prince of Tennis..

Yeah.. I know this is quite an old anime.. And I am quite outdated.. Can't help it! Cause too many interesting animes to update! With the limited bandwidth in Australia.. Its hard to download too many at a time..

But now.. With this work load.. And with my hardworking personality.. I choose to study..

Haha! Actually.. Its cause I have tutorial homeworks due today and tomorrow.. And a mid term exam day after and another test next week.. Which till now I am still having lots of problem with even though I have been revising since last week.. Why? Cause it contains Maths which is my worst subject.. LoL~

Now.. I have to temporarily say "Jia Ne" to my dearest anime and say "Konichiwa" & "Onegaishimasu" to my study marathon instead..

P/S: I might update more on this Anime soon for those who haven't watch yet..

Monday, March 19, 2007

正宗 “败家仔”

Sha... Now I know how nice and obedient you are.. What a good and money-saving child you are.. Why? Just chatted with your "Bai Kar" bro which is in US... And read the following....

DrA: how much one month? homestaying i mean
Cloud / Adrian: $700

Cloud / Adrian: damn i finally got card u know lol
DrA: green card u mean?
Cloud / Adrian: no, credit card. lolz
DrA: i tot u already have one given by dad?
Cloud / Adrian: err under my name de wor
Cloud / Adrian: nono mine now is mine
DrA: god! u this bai kar zai!
Cloud / Adrian: independant
DrA: u working meh?
Cloud / Adrian: nop
Cloud / Adrian: i juz use the card instead of taking $ from bank mer
Cloud / Adrian: cuz if use card then add credit
Cloud / Adrian: next time i marry liao buy house borrow $ interest not so high

Sha.. You see... How bai kar can Adrian be? LoL~~ There are more but scared will frighten you guys more.. LoL~ He is indeed a pure "Bai Kar"... Adrian... Haven't earn money also wanna spend like that?? LoL~ But your parents is rich rich rich!!! Hahahaha! Mao bien laaa....

Baking Session - Part II + Cooking Part I

Yeap.. The title tells you all.. This time.. Its Golden Butter Cake... Haha.. Quite a success but kinda dry.

Ouhh~ Its growing in the hot oven~

Have to clean up the mess!

Freshly out from the oven~

Actually at the end I added icing on top but it didn't look nice so didn't take photos of it.. Hehe~
However.. I think they enjoyed my previous sh*t like chocolate fudge more than this dry butter cake.. LoL~ Next.. I will show you my best cooking.. Spaghetti...

No.. This is not my plate of spaghetti I am eating.. Its Bing's..

Since its for him.. And I am EVIL.. Of course.. 加料! On everything! Muahaha!

Why?? Cause I wanna make him FAT!!

My new housemates are having phobia after reading my post last time.. LoL~ Cause they are on diet yet I love to cook these fattening stuffs... Especially when one of my housemate is already a very good chef! LoL!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Citycat @ Brisbane City

This post is specially dedicated to Sharon...

Sharon wanted me to post on the transport I am currently taking to the uni everyday after staying in St. Lucia. Well.. Here I am now.. Introducing Brisbane River where many ferries pass by everyday... On my way back after class.. I am waiting at the Citycat Terminal which is located just outside my uni.. What's a Citycat? You will see it in no time..

You have to make sure that you look left and right before crossing or you will have a bicycle accident..

Not only you have to look left and right on the busy road but also when you are crossing the bicycle lane

Ahhh... My transport is here at last! Yeap! That's the Citycat!

And that's the pilot! Aye Aye Captain!

Citycat just leaving the terminal..

This is the CityFerry which brings the passengers who wants to cross the river

And this is the ferry which people can charter them for their party.. Its huge! Its called the "PartyFerry"..

Another Citycat passing by...

An amazingly beautiful view they will have staying in that apartment! Boat even!

Here I am! My destination!

Haha! I know I am taking a cool transportation to and fro the uni.. LoL~ Most importantly.. It stops right in front of my uni! LoL~ Okie.. I know I am SS-ing again.. ^.^"

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

3rd of 3rd This Year

My birthday this year? Nothing special.. Well.. Went to Gold Coast with Fang and Jia's friends the next day of my birthday.. Then had a wonderful Thai food dinner there.. Nice ambience nice restaurant.. Pity didn't bring camera along.. What could I complained about? Not with the right person.. LoL~

However.. I got this nice birthday card and chocolatesss from people whom I don't really know well.. Of course.. Only Jess, Khai and Jon which I know.. LoL~

I loveee the card! It's blue and there is butterfly on it! Haha! Jess picked it I assume?

Thanks guys.. For your great wishes..

Many whom I didn't expect they would remember me.. I mean the names in the card.. Hahaha~

Thanks for your calls and brighten my day!

Of course! Must mention a few of my pals who called and wished me! Thanks Sharon, Sha, Sylvester, Shannon...... And those who smsed me.. Kelly(I don't mind belated wish), Manda(2 yrs didn't really get your wish but I knw you remember), Shuk Ling(Unexpected wish), Chau, YsLo(Both far but I got it!), Jien, Kong Ma, Roger, Tut, Yuyu... etc.(Sorry if I forgotten to mention you)

Thanks guys! You really made my day bright! ^.^ And of cause I have to thanks those who wished me in MSN and Friendster! ^.^

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Chocolate Fudge or Chocolate Shit ?

Phaedra + Baking for the 1st time... = FAILURE!

Looks more like chocolate shit aye?

Yeah.. Bing is trying to make it look nice by taking it in a nice angle..

Well.. Here it is~ Enjoyed it with a cup of COLD milk~
And H*ll Yeah I know its fattening..