Monday, March 19, 2007

正宗 “败家仔”

Sha... Now I know how nice and obedient you are.. What a good and money-saving child you are.. Why? Just chatted with your "Bai Kar" bro which is in US... And read the following....

DrA: how much one month? homestaying i mean
Cloud / Adrian: $700

Cloud / Adrian: damn i finally got card u know lol
DrA: green card u mean?
Cloud / Adrian: no, credit card. lolz
DrA: i tot u already have one given by dad?
Cloud / Adrian: err under my name de wor
Cloud / Adrian: nono mine now is mine
DrA: god! u this bai kar zai!
Cloud / Adrian: independant
DrA: u working meh?
Cloud / Adrian: nop
Cloud / Adrian: i juz use the card instead of taking $ from bank mer
Cloud / Adrian: cuz if use card then add credit
Cloud / Adrian: next time i marry liao buy house borrow $ interest not so high

Sha.. You see... How bai kar can Adrian be? LoL~~ There are more but scared will frighten you guys more.. LoL~ He is indeed a pure "Bai Kar"... Adrian... Haven't earn money also wanna spend like that?? LoL~ But your parents is rich rich rich!!! Hahahaha! Mao bien laaa....


Adrian said...

To my dear maggihead,
I am not 正宗. This is 旁門左道 style. 正宗敗家子 comes from 少林.
Credit is hard to earn tuh! Don't wait till become saggy woman only start building credit!

jianbing said...

Build credit? is it like have to build up ur credibility?

YSLo said...

Kesian Adrian, kena accuse for being a spoil brat... lol...

Eh Dra, isn't it quite ironic for you to say him liddat? (hehehe...jk)

Adrian said...

yup credit score high = loan rate low. so start building while young lol.

DrA said...

Haha~ He doesnt seem offended thou.. ^^ I knw him.. He wouldnt get angry tht easily... ^^

And I m much different than him looo YS... I am good gal... Don't simply apply for credit card one... He got credit card from dad edi still wanna get one for himself... (Mebi platinium tu!) Haha! I tiada credit card de loooooo!

Lxy said...

What is Credit Card?

fuizaibing said...

Credit Card is a shortcut to overspending and bankruptcy. Don't get close to it.

Lxy said...

Adrian, do you think I can help you build up your credit? Sub 1 card to me la~! :D