Friday, March 16, 2007

Citycat @ Brisbane City

This post is specially dedicated to Sharon...

Sharon wanted me to post on the transport I am currently taking to the uni everyday after staying in St. Lucia. Well.. Here I am now.. Introducing Brisbane River where many ferries pass by everyday... On my way back after class.. I am waiting at the Citycat Terminal which is located just outside my uni.. What's a Citycat? You will see it in no time..

You have to make sure that you look left and right before crossing or you will have a bicycle accident..

Not only you have to look left and right on the busy road but also when you are crossing the bicycle lane

Ahhh... My transport is here at last! Yeap! That's the Citycat!

And that's the pilot! Aye Aye Captain!

Citycat just leaving the terminal..

This is the CityFerry which brings the passengers who wants to cross the river

And this is the ferry which people can charter them for their party.. Its huge! Its called the "PartyFerry"..

Another Citycat passing by...

An amazingly beautiful view they will have staying in that apartment! Boat even!

Here I am! My destination!

Haha! I know I am taking a cool transportation to and fro the uni.. LoL~ Most importantly.. It stops right in front of my uni! LoL~ Okie.. I know I am SS-ing again.. ^.^"


Sharon@Yan said...

u can passby such a pretty lake but me?
a FAKE sea by sunway lagoon.

jianbing said...

I hate to say that.. but your picture's quality is damn good!! Must be a very good camera kan?

Sharon@Yan said...

obviously jianbing want to show off HIS digicam..

YSLo said...

Hmm... interesting wei... how long does it take u from end to end?

DrA said...

Haahahaha! Sharon, you DO know him well... Ya.. He IS bragging on his cam again.. =.="

DrA said...

YS.. I have no idea.. Never tried tht.. LoL~ Come here la.. We go try... But I think it takes around one to one and a half hrs..

DrA said...

Dear.. A good camera doesnt work well if the person holding it doesn't utilise it well.. Right Sharon? LoL~