Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eurotrip - Day 1 Part III

18th Dec 2008 - Part III Trevi Fountain, The Pantheon

A picture is worth a thousand words.. So I would be showing you pictures... Too lazy to describe everything in details.. LoLz~
Us at the famous Trevi Fountain.. Many actors and actresses had their movies taken here... Including 冲上云霄... Haha~

This weird guy actually startled me.. LoLz~~

My yeng zai + bot sang (hakka) father.. =p
Sot sot family... Haha~
Weird fountain.. LoLz~~ P/s: There are lotsa fountains around Rome..

Pantheon and Fountain at Piazza della Rotonda
Beautiful Ice Cream design at a Ice Cream Parlour in Rome..Our First dinner in Europe.. Shyt... So disgusting... Was hopping to eat delicious Pizza and Pasta... -___-