Sunday, September 23, 2007

Karaoke Session

Fang's boss, Xiao Yin invited us to go sing k with her.. Haha~ Leng lui lai de o0o0o~ And we had a crazyyyy night!! Pity there were 2 of them who wasnt around.. Hehe! Had lotsa fun! Of course.. And lotsa beer too! Flood you guys with photos better.. ^^

Saturday, September 22, 2007

iRiver Disney Mickey MP3

Oh my god.. I received an email from a friend and found out this incredibly pretty, small, cute MP3 player! Disney de o0o0o~ Yeahh.. I know someone might say I am childish.. But it's really pretty loooo!!! @@ Especially the black one.. Its cool!!!

I wanna buy o0oo0o! Who can buy for me or help me buy le????

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My First Wage in Australia

Yeahh~~ I started working already... Nope.. =.=" I am not working in an office like what I planned and hoped.. Maybe this really is my 报应 for rejecting the jobs that invited me to their appointment last sem? Haha~ But now I am working with Vicki.. In a Vietnamese restaurant.. Will talk about it more laa...

See.. My first wage.. So happy~ Hehe~ Worked for 8 hours last week and this was my wage yooo~ Gonna start working in another shop 2 weeks later.... Hehe~ Need money bahh.... Shop too much bahh... Blame Fang for working in a boutique... Btw.... My parents haven't know about it... So.. Shhhh.. Hehe~ Or else they don sent me much money liao... Hehe~ I knw I am bad... =$

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Merdeka Fest Brisbane 2007

Last Saturday, I attended Merdeka Fest Gala Dinner held by the Malaysians in Brisbane.. The event was fun and cool! I get to taste Malaysian food made in Brisbane.. Well.. Of course compared to food in Malaysia itself.. Food in Malaysia are way better.. However I really had lotsa fun!

The menu for that night was excellent.. So many choices.. The food made you droolz?? No larr.. KK better... Haha..

Above were all my table mates for that night.. Yess.. Got ang mohh also... Besides the 2 ang moh.. All other table mates were Malaysians.. In detailed, most KK-nang.. TTSS-nang.. Haha..

Yes.. Sabah's traditional dance was also available.. Sumazau.. But from the costume.. I think it should be a mixture of Iban and Kadazan.. Their Sumazau was weird too.. Hmm.. Maybe I should teach them? LoL~ There was this multi-cultural dance as well.. Indicating Malaysia is a multi-cultural country.. But the MOST mao litz is.. All dances, including Indian, Malay and Chinese dance were all danced by MALAY!!! =.="

There was a choir singing a few of Malaysian's favourite songs as well.. Including Setia, Sejahtera Malaysia, Standing Out of The World, etc.. But the song Tanggal 31 was their favourite.. Everyone was in such a high spirit when they were singing this song.. Haha!

And there was this after party which disappointed Khai and Jensen.. Haha.. Cause all the band sang was Malay songs?? LOL~~ So all we did was after party photo session.. Met up with a few TTSSers who were not sitting at the same table with us... Shaz, Wei Hao, San2.. Wei Hao was Shinji's batch laa...

Thats all folks.. Haha~ By the way.. Love my dress? Bought the day before the party.. =.=" Last minute forced by friends.. Hahaha~