Saturday, September 22, 2007

iRiver Disney Mickey MP3

Oh my god.. I received an email from a friend and found out this incredibly pretty, small, cute MP3 player! Disney de o0o0o~ Yeahh.. I know someone might say I am childish.. But it's really pretty loooo!!! @@ Especially the black one.. Its cool!!!

I wanna buy o0oo0o! Who can buy for me or help me buy le????


Shannon said...

You're working already what..order or eBay lo!1hahahaha

l ou - said...

I can help you to buy it !
I've bought the speakers too ... so i've good website for you =)
about 49$ for the Mplayer 4GB and 25$ for speakers !


l ou- said...

Euhm if you're interested I let you my msn :