Monday, May 19, 2008

Memoriesss... =)

^^" This really brings back memories... Tonight during steamboat session.. Fang mentioned about the Washroom MTV I showed her 2 years ago.. Jia and Vicki havent seen it.. So kept looking for it everywhere.. Thanks to Gerald.. Was able to find it in YouTube at last!! ^^

Senior 2 Ai 2004 really RoXx~ ^^

Friday, May 16, 2008


Lately I have been busy doing assignments again.. Sigh.. Why so 没完没了.... Just handed in my assignment for this week... Crazy.. Slept for few hours only... Slept at around 6am.. Woke up at 9am to get prepared for work.. 2pm finished work rush home and got my assignment after being proofread.. Then waited for Ian to online and read my assignment to make sure it is not out of topic.. Thanks guys.. >.<
These books? Borrowed from library... Crazy.. Been a student for so long.. Never ever borrowed so many books just to do research....
This had been my meal for the few stressful days.. Yeah.. Congee with dried scallops and mushrooms.. Haha~ I love mushrooms~

Saturday, May 10, 2008


On Monday.. 5th May .. Was Queensland's Labour Day... Joe a.k.a AJ's Boss organised a gathering again.. This time was Steamboat gathering... Whoaaaa~~~ So many nice dishes... All expensive and fresh!!! And he bought AUD477++ worth of wine.. Chi sin geh.. =.=" He really loves party... >.<Above was freshly cut Beef... AJ self cut... >.< Yummy~~ =.=" Not usual AJ's Pho Beef 0o!! No wonder I wasn't able to be on diet... Always being pampered by lovely food...
Krispy Kreme~~ First New Franchise in Bribane.. The first day it opened... I went to buy edi.. Luckily the queue wasn't really long.. Cause I went after lecture.. Which was around 8pm... Whoa... Crazy 0o the queue... Got security take care of the queue lagi tu!! >.< But its worth it~ Niceeee~ Delicious~~ Better than Dreamy Donutz which is in Charlotte Street... Every day I passed by there also long long queue nehh.. Though never heard it would be as sot as Big Apple in KK.. LoL~ Heard people needa wait for 3 hours to get donuts... But this is definitely better than Big Apple... LoL~~ At least I think so laa.... Different people different taste wut.. =p

Saturday, May 03, 2008


This is amazing!! Please listen to this video clip.. Before that, for the best effect:

1. Quiet environment would be preferable
2. Please put on your headphone to listen to the effect
3. Close your eyes and enjoy the Virtual Barber Shop!!!!

Amazing aye??? @@" I thought so too... >.<