Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Life So Far..

Well... Just wanna let you guys know... Exam ended long ago.. YAY!!! Last Thursday was my last exam.. So I finished my 2nd Year of studies already! Another year more than I will be a new graduand... Hahaha~ Okie.. Stop the crap.. Let me tell you what have I been up to lately...

Yeap! Last night just played Mahjong with a few friend in my house.. Hoho! I was the wiiinnner~ No laaa... Just won 8 bucks... But still happy! Cause I am the beginner... Hoho~ Of course.. Besides that.. I started to 'bao' series right after my exams! Las Vegas la... 18 禁不禁 la... CSI la... etc etc..... Hohohoho~~~~ Not to forget.. I am still working hard after exams.. Wanna earn more money so I could bring money back and spend! Of course have to buy some stuffs to reward myself also la... Reward myself with expensive stuffs... So have to save money first.... Hohoho~ What would that be?? Hmm.. Surely would post it on the blog when I got it laaa~ So stay tune with my blog!! :p

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


OMG... Exam around the corner.. In fact.. My first exam would be tomorrow!! Lately been busy with work and studies.. Din get to blog, to facebook, to email, to friendster.. So forgive me folks! Plus.. I don't have an internet connection at home.. Didn't come to uni for like... 2 weeks? Haha! So.. Wish me luck luck luck and luck in my exaamsssss k? I will be as free as a bird after 15th.. Do ring me or PM me after that.. Haha~ However.. Might still be busy with work laa!! WORK HARD! I wan LV! LOL!