Saturday, April 28, 2007

So high tech?

Oh my godddddd.... Just realised my lappy so high tech o0o~ It has the function I always wanted! That is to lock my personal files.. So others wouldn't be able to open it... Locked with password... Then I realised I could lock my folders with my hand print! Whoaaa~ Suang~

When I realised this function.. Terus high till vin.. LoL~ Tried to print screen it with my finger print on it.. But it seemed that it couldn't be done.. Highly secured yo~ ^^

Friday, April 27, 2007

Parents visit @ Brisbane - Night of Arrival

My whole family of 5 came over to Brisbane to visit me.. They arrived few hours ago.. Because of that, I had to prepare some food for them as they said they will be hungry after the long distance flight.. Now flying MAS.. To Brisbane... Have to transit via Sydney.. So it will make the whole travel time extend from 8 hours to 10 hours.. But if you are flying back to M'sia from Brisbane.. Won't have to fly via Sydney.. Chamzz... >.<" And I can't take Brunei Airlines..

These are all the stuffs I prepared for my family... Besides the cake.. Most of them are with help of Vicki... The cook of my house...

Double layered chocolate fudge

This is what I call Donut King.. Donut King should have this as their "Zhao Pai"

The stack of shit to do the Handmade Mee

Trying to look happy when I am doing this tiring job..

There you are...

The product of Charlotte Tower 2608 Production..

Till then... Will update more laaa~ LoL~ Most probably on food.. By the way.. The mee was quite successful.. That was our dinner as well.. But didn't really take photos of them cause forgotten.. LoL~ Aiyooo.. Put it up will make you guys drool also... LoL~

Monday, April 23, 2007

Facilities and Meal @ Charlotte Tower

Yeap~ I have been moving into my new apartment since 19th April 2007.. I know I shouldn't be moving in that day as something sad had happened in my family.. But apartment here has rules.. Time for moving in is limited as this is a new apartment and many people had to move in as well.. Aih~

My new housemates.. Fang & Vicki...

My house is located in the city.. This is my new address.. Do write 2 me or send me parcels.. Haha..

2608/128 Charlotte Street,
4000 Brisbane,
Queensland, Australia.

Eaten mee instead of rice that night cause realised no rice cooker.. LoL~

I had my first meal here that night.. After our test on 21st April.. We cooked our meal... Nice one yo~ By my housemate a.k.a The Cook! Nice~

Nice Yo~~~ Kimchi Rice Cake~ Love It~

Our delicious Brunch...

Miso soup.. With chicken balls and seaweed..

Then.. After brunch today.. Me and my housemates decided to go explore around the apartment's facilities.. And also fully utilised them.. We went to have a swim in the indoor olympic pool and sauna...

Gym Room

Indoor Olympic Pool...

Unisex Sauna

The indoor pool is inside the gym.. Went to have a swim then went sauna.. Suppose to take photo of the outdoor pool and the barbeque area but was stuck in the lift.. Guess not properly functioned yet.. Tried to go up but trapped in the lift.. Alone hor!! Door also can't open.. At last tried to push the G floor button.. Terus go down bah! Had to pass through the lobby/reception to my unit lift.. Goodness! Was wearing bath robe tu!!! =.="

LoL~ I know some of you wanted to look at my unit.. But then.. Still in a mess laaa~ Wait till we fully decorated it first... So wait la k? ^^

Thanks My Dear.... Muaksss~

Hehehehehehehe~~~~ Paisehhh my dear.. You designed my template for so long haven't officially thank you here.. Muakss~ Thanks dear~ Guys.. What do you think of my new template design? It definitely brought out my personality.. LoL~ Which is.. A blue lover.. LoL~

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My New Fujitsu S 7111

Got my new Fuji by Airmail last night.. No la.. Susu brought it back from KK for me.. Used laptop again.. Just like my old one.. Dad used tak sampai 10 times, then poor Fuji will be deserted aside.. This time.. I just complained that the old lappy has lotsa problems which actually not much problem to influence my computer life, then dad said send this over to me.. Hoho~ This laptop tak sampai 1 year lorrr~ Thumb-print technology lagi! That time only Fuji had that technology tu!

Fingerprint there..

Went to Fujitsu head office in KL with parents and picked this new lappy.. Why? Just because the CEO said this lappy would only launch the next day.. And I was so stupid to choose the lousiest technology and lowest storage though I know the lappy will soon be mine anyway.. LoL~

Ciaozzz Old Fuji~ I still miss you..

Tomorrow, will say bye bye to my old one and say 'hola' to my new lappy.. Will officially use my new Fuji tomorrow~ Why? Cause tomorrow, I am moving into my new apartment.. Brand new hor~ Just completed few days ago I think.. LoL~ Happy and excited to move into a new environment~ But will miss Bing laaaaa of course.. No worries~ He just have to take a bus then will reach me in just 15 minutes~ LoL~

Next update: New Apartment... New Environment..

Monday, April 16, 2007


Found this out on one of Sharon's Favourite Link..

Who said old people will only stay at home and watch TV?
Who said old people dunno how to use computer?
Who said old people is outdated?

This video shows that we, the young generations are wrong!

My gosh... Terus laugh till I pengsan I tell you.. Suddenly I feel so bad for my parents who are younger than her and yet don't know how to fully utilise computer.. Just use it to play solitaire and words.. And I feel bad for myself cause an old lady like that could do so much even I don't know how to do!

Lao Zha Bor~ She rawks! She Blogs! She Raps! She Take Photo Stickers! My goodness! Really Impressive!!!

But I don't feel so bad cause I am a student and busy.. Don't have much time to learn things like that.. LoL~ Maybe I should claim some ad fees from her...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Underwater World @ Sunshine Coast

Went to Sunshine Coast with Bing, my cousin and his gf.. Underwater world's entrance fee was quite affordable for us as we were kinda broke lately.. LoL~ Compare Sea World vs Underwater World? AUD 64 vs AUD 18 (concession price)? Of course Underwater World more affordable.. Sea World no concession price de looo!!! >.< All I saw there was food! Seafood! My favourite! LoL~ No wonder my colesterol level was so high....

The first thing we saw was stingray which was already shown in my previous blog.. Ikan pari-pari panggang was all over my mind!

Next was starfish.. Blue~ My favourite colour!

This weird looking thingy is the dragon of the sea.. "Seadragon"

What is this? Plant or animal? Both! Its Jellyfish + Coral..

Fish in the car? Haha~ I call it 'The MyVi-rium'..

Bing always say I am a weak photographer.. See.. This one so nice! Ngam2 Hou! Mine all cant c! :p

This is a dame big squid! Bing talked about it on his blog..

Huge Blue Fishy...

*drooolllzzz* Ikan pari-pari panggang......

*droollzzz* Shark fin soup~~

Anyone can get me a grill for this big fella'?

Before leaving, dino world we go~

Lobster sashimi~~

A shot before leaving..

At last I got to drive~ Manual hor! I drove all the way from Sunshine Coast to Gold Coast.. For around 3 hours.. That morning woke up had hair disaster but didn't bring my hair product along.. So had to go out just like tht! >.<

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Crocodile Hunter - Steve Irwin

This post is dedicated to the Crocodile Hunter - The Late Mr. Steve Irwin...

You guys ever watched the program Crocodile Hunter on Astro? Yes.. The guy who runs this show is Mr. Steve Irwin who died last year 4th September 2006. I know this is a dame late post.. But I went to Gold Coast for 2 days and all I thought about was him.. Why? He was an animal lover who is originally from the Australia Zoo that is kilometres away from Brisbane.. Even though I never went there before but it was on the way to the Underwater World.. And that was what came into my mind on the way to Underwater World...

The Late Mr. Steve Irwin - Crocodile Hunter

Steve Irwin and his family with the "deadly" crocodile?

The Murderer who killed the famous guy - Stingray

This shocking news had "concuss" the heart of most of the Australian and all his fans. This brave man was never afraid of any dangerous and deadly species but was killed by a harmless stingray? It had its tail pierced right into his heart! Gosh! Scary! Then.. On the way to Sunshine Coast, this was what we saw..

The Steve Irwin Way - In Memorial of The Crocodile Hunter

A highway named over him for memorial.. This showed that he was and always will be the Australian's pride?

Monday, April 09, 2007

My Birthday Present from Bing

This is my birthday present from Bing.. Hehe~ Suppose to be a present he bought for me when he won money in casino when I was still in KK.. But he say lazy think of birthday present so that would just be my birthday present~ LoL~ No matter what... Thanks Dearrr~ Muakss~

I have been molesting this new thing from dear ever since I got it.. Many games inside but most limited time.. Only a very simple game I was able to finish it! LoL~ Will show you some pics I have taken with this new gadget soon.. Of course.. The first pic I took with this gadget was with my dear~ Hehe~