Saturday, April 28, 2007

So high tech?

Oh my godddddd.... Just realised my lappy so high tech o0o~ It has the function I always wanted! That is to lock my personal files.. So others wouldn't be able to open it... Locked with password... Then I realised I could lock my folders with my hand print! Whoaaa~ Suang~

When I realised this function.. Terus high till vin.. LoL~ Tried to print screen it with my finger print on it.. But it seemed that it couldn't be done.. Highly secured yo~ ^^


Khai said...

wuahh~ high tech nya~~ never mind! i go buy a USB finger print, so i got the same function as ur lappie.. (mana tau my usb finger print hilang, can no more open my files).. so~~ i'd still stick to my lil friend named "lock my pc". straight away lock the PC with password.. XD

YSLo said...

Qiang lor.... kekekeke.... ^^