Monday, April 16, 2007


Found this out on one of Sharon's Favourite Link..

Who said old people will only stay at home and watch TV?
Who said old people dunno how to use computer?
Who said old people is outdated?

This video shows that we, the young generations are wrong!

My gosh... Terus laugh till I pengsan I tell you.. Suddenly I feel so bad for my parents who are younger than her and yet don't know how to fully utilise computer.. Just use it to play solitaire and words.. And I feel bad for myself cause an old lady like that could do so much even I don't know how to do!

Lao Zha Bor~ She rawks! She Blogs! She Raps! She Take Photo Stickers! My goodness! Really Impressive!!!

But I don't feel so bad cause I am a student and busy.. Don't have much time to learn things like that.. LoL~ Maybe I should claim some ad fees from her...

1 comment:

YSLo said...

To be polite, she memang huo dao tua, belajar till tua lor...

To be harsh, she really tet han mao lin gao lor... LOL