Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Crocodile Hunter - Steve Irwin

This post is dedicated to the Crocodile Hunter - The Late Mr. Steve Irwin...

You guys ever watched the program Crocodile Hunter on Astro? Yes.. The guy who runs this show is Mr. Steve Irwin who died last year 4th September 2006. I know this is a dame late post.. But I went to Gold Coast for 2 days and all I thought about was him.. Why? He was an animal lover who is originally from the Australia Zoo that is kilometres away from Brisbane.. Even though I never went there before but it was on the way to the Underwater World.. And that was what came into my mind on the way to Underwater World...

The Late Mr. Steve Irwin - Crocodile Hunter

Steve Irwin and his family with the "deadly" crocodile?

The Murderer who killed the famous guy - Stingray

This shocking news had "concuss" the heart of most of the Australian and all his fans. This brave man was never afraid of any dangerous and deadly species but was killed by a harmless stingray? It had its tail pierced right into his heart! Gosh! Scary! Then.. On the way to Sunshine Coast, this was what we saw..

The Steve Irwin Way - In Memorial of The Crocodile Hunter

A highway named over him for memorial.. This showed that he was and always will be the Australian's pride?


YSLo said...

Sad guy... sigh... T_T

Sharon@Yan said...

this is supposed to be a sad post but i realise that.. ur betty hair not so curl edi eh?