Saturday, April 14, 2007

Underwater World @ Sunshine Coast

Went to Sunshine Coast with Bing, my cousin and his gf.. Underwater world's entrance fee was quite affordable for us as we were kinda broke lately.. LoL~ Compare Sea World vs Underwater World? AUD 64 vs AUD 18 (concession price)? Of course Underwater World more affordable.. Sea World no concession price de looo!!! >.< All I saw there was food! Seafood! My favourite! LoL~ No wonder my colesterol level was so high....

The first thing we saw was stingray which was already shown in my previous blog.. Ikan pari-pari panggang was all over my mind!

Next was starfish.. Blue~ My favourite colour!

This weird looking thingy is the dragon of the sea.. "Seadragon"

What is this? Plant or animal? Both! Its Jellyfish + Coral..

Fish in the car? Haha~ I call it 'The MyVi-rium'..

Bing always say I am a weak photographer.. See.. This one so nice! Ngam2 Hou! Mine all cant c! :p

This is a dame big squid! Bing talked about it on his blog..

Huge Blue Fishy...

*drooolllzzz* Ikan pari-pari panggang......

*droollzzz* Shark fin soup~~

Anyone can get me a grill for this big fella'?

Before leaving, dino world we go~

Lobster sashimi~~

A shot before leaving..

At last I got to drive~ Manual hor! I drove all the way from Sunshine Coast to Gold Coast.. For around 3 hours.. That morning woke up had hair disaster but didn't bring my hair product along.. So had to go out just like tht! >.<

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YSLo said...

LOL... all the aqua life jadi ur food fantasy... sigh... kelian them...