Monday, July 30, 2007

Hanaichi Restaurant!

At last~ I got to eat the jap food I have been drooling for since I went back to KK~ The best jap food I have ever eaten!! No joke!! REaaally one!!

Our favourite... Salmon sushi!

My favourite~ Sharkfin and jellyfish sushi~

Bing's Favourite.. Unagi sushi~

Come Brisbane.. Dra bring you go eat the best sushi I have ever eaten.. Better than Wagamama, Sushi King or whatever... No joke!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Troublesome BBQ..

Today.. My housemates suddenly told me that they wanted to go BBQ.. Since we haven't use the BBQ facility of the apartment before.. Just a small BBQ with 5 of us? Haha~ This was how it went..

This was the busiest BBQ we had ever had.. Gosh.. We blamed Wing for choosing such a windy day... We were busier at stopping the strong wind from blowing off our food, plates, water, etc than busy eating..

After all the struggle.. We were able to finish bbq-ing the food.. Started eating.. But wasnt much fun as plates and cups of water were being upset by the wind...

Friday, July 27, 2007


That day det han and hungry.. Made spaghetti.. Hehe.. Yummy~~ It goes nice with mozarellllla cheeeeseeee~~

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry Potter The Order of Phoenix Movie

Last night during lecture.. We suddenly decided to go and watch Harry Potter.. Actually I have watched it with Sharon, Amanda they all when I was back in KK.. But since all the Harry Potter movies I had watched at least twice.. So of course I cant break my custom.. Hehe~

There were 4 of us.. Wing, Vicki, Fang and me.. Fang actually invited Jia along but he didn't wanna come along cause he finds wizardry scary.. Hehe~

It was actually my first time watching movie in Oz.. So I was stunned by the pretty huge screen in the cinema..

Went to South Bank Cinema due to the cheap price.. Half the price cheaper compared to the one in the city.. Wing claimed.. It was cheaper as it was Tuesday.. Movie Day.. ^^

By the way.. This advertisement stunned me more.. My goshh.. KK gonna stop screening Die Hard 4.0.. Here.. Haven't even start screening? Only gonna screen next month? Crazy.....

In conclusion.. Movie was great.. Comfy seat.. But really late and slow screening on new movies.. *Shake Head*

Monday, July 23, 2007

I need $$$$$

I am in uni now... Figuring out ways to get more money.. Why? Cause tomorrow is the due date to pay my uni fees.... Parents forgotten to send me my uni fees... And my living expense money is not enough to cover all my fees...

I wish I have a money tree in my backyard.. Oh wait.. I don't have a backyard as I am staying in an apartment.. =.=" Currently lack of money to pay my uni fees... How how how how?!?!?!?!

Friday, July 20, 2007

A Must Not Go Restaurant

That day went to have lunch with Sharon, Shinji and friends.. Shinji said wanted to go to Jesselton Point for lunch.. There is one restaurant there.. Pirates of Borneo..

We went there.. Food was bad.. The spaghetti they made.. Gosh.. I could cook better.. I have seen menu with one mistake.. But a menu full of mistakes? That was the first.. @@" Ambience was fine.. Of course laaa.. We were the only table what..

Seafood dunno what.. Can't finish.. Made me miss eating Little Italy more.. Lousy food..

Carbonara.. Sharon say Upperstar's far better... This one also very bu tiam.. Worst spaghetti we have ever eaten.. Any of us could cook better than theirs.. No more next time...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Last night in KK

Last day in KK was really rush... Went breakfast with Shannon and Sha.. Then went to take my hp driving my MR2.. The aircon of the car is down again.. Mao bian.. Old car... Shannon and I was sweating like doggies.. Sha was leaving that evening to Taiwan.. And my car is out of order.. Called dad and dad asked me to drive the eerie green double cab.. Drove to Damai only.. Terus cant stand it and call Sharon for help.. Drove back home and waited for Sharon to save me.. Haha~ Then went to buy stuffs.. Made tiramisu cheese cake for my family before I leave.. =)

That night.. Sharon, Andy and Sylvester came over to my house and gather around.. Then I drove Ninja out.. They were so excited.. Me too was excited.. Not due to the same reason as they were.. But excited due to the last meal in KK before I leave.. MY FAVOURITE!

The minute the fish entered my mouth.. I felt that I am in heaven... Ouhhh~ Its s0o0o0o0o Delicious!!!!!!!!! DrooooLzz... Bad Sharon... Last nite in KK then bring me eat... =.="

The sotong was GREAT!!!!! After that supper... I suddenly felt that life is so0o0o Beautifulll!!! LoL~

I am back in Brisbane.. And I am gonna miss all my darlings....

And my frenz...


Trip back home was fun.. Get to meet up with lotsa friends.. And eaten many stuffs.. But this trip back was very rush.. Wasn't really able to meet up with many friends, wasnt able to buy all the stuffs I wanted to bring back and wasnt really able to eat all the food I miss... =) Sorry to those friends whom I wasnt able to meet up.. And also sorry to those pity food which couldn't be eaten by me.. *grin*

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Dudesssss... I am back! But I am still stuck in KLIA airport now.. WHY?? Stupid flight delayed for an hour in Brisbane.. Suppose to arrive KLIA at around 6am.. My flight back to KK is at 7.15.. But due to the delay.. Missed my flight back to KK which is departing at 7.15.. Cause when the plane touched the ground.. It was already 6:55am.. When I go passed the aerobridge.. Already 7a,// How ler? Went out terus saw a MAS staff holding a paper stating "MH XXX Kota Kinabalu"// Meaning finding me looo.. Aiyoo.. The staff said that the flight leaving.. And then have to take the next flight back.. But next flight full.. Have to wait.. So waiting now looo.. Hehehe~ Wish me luck laaa~ Will update more when I have chance to.. Wait yaaa........

BTW my dear friends in KK.. Be prepared to see the dropsy (水肿) me in KK ya... Haha! Cause Australia winter.. Here summer... So sure will have dropsy problem.. Science fact... 热胀冷缩.. Understood?? ^^

P/S: My flight back to KK delay again.. Luckily for 10 minutes only.. Why today all my flights delay one?? Aiyo.. Cannot go casino today.. Haha~ (KK tiada casino laaaaaa...... Start missing Aussie edi? LoL~)