Monday, July 30, 2007

Hanaichi Restaurant!

At last~ I got to eat the jap food I have been drooling for since I went back to KK~ The best jap food I have ever eaten!! No joke!! REaaally one!!

Our favourite... Salmon sushi!

My favourite~ Sharkfin and jellyfish sushi~

Bing's Favourite.. Unagi sushi~

Come Brisbane.. Dra bring you go eat the best sushi I have ever eaten.. Better than Wagamama, Sushi King or whatever... No joke!


YSLo said...


Hmm... wagamama SUCKS and EXP!!! Dun ever go there ooo...

I'm still loving my JDF... reasonable and alright... kekeke

Boon said...

Since you complained that i never leave any comment, so here i am. I can definitely bring you to a better sushi place over here in Sydney judging by the photo that you took. haha.