Thursday, August 09, 2007


Yuhuuu guyss... Sorry for not being able to update lately... Hehe~ Cause I kept hilang usb drives.. So le.... My house now no more usb drives to lose.. Hehe~ Cause I have lotsa photos to post up but don hv the thing to use.. Mao bian laaa~ Hehe~ Okie...

Well.. Lately I have been on diet.. Yeah.. I pretty unhealthy diet actually... But my weight has went down for around 3 kilos? Yeahhh~ I am so happy~ My housemate is trying out a product.. If there are some obvious change in her.. I will go and get that product too~ Yeahh~ I wanna be skinny again! Like how I was when I was in high school... Less than 50kgs...

Let you know what have I been eating this few days..

Day before - A bowl of miso soup and a pie
Yesterday - Half plate of vegetables and a bowl of instant noodle
Today - Hahaha~ 4 biji of fish ballsss~ Yeahh!

Hehe~ Okie.. I will update more next time.. ^^

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