Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Style

Lately had been shopping a lot.. Yeah yeah.. Know shouldn't waste money as I am not earning money yet.. And using Aussie Dollars.. But who cares.. 'Sat Luin' tai sai what.. Haha~ Jk la... But really shopped a lot.. Now puk again.. =.=" Have to control edi.. Why suddenly change of style? Inspiration by my housemates.. All suddenly wear heels.. Wear stokings.. Okie laa... Since they are already taller than me.. If I don't wear high heels with them.. I will look so short when I am standing beside them.. LoL~ Okie.. Stop these crappy talks.. Look at my new look and comments please?

Below are photos took the other day.. Had another make up session... Girls.... *Roll eyes* *giggle*

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