Thursday, August 30, 2007

I miss home...

Home.. Now I have 2 homes... In KK and in Brisbane CBD... But of course I miss my home in KK la... Why I miss? I miss my bed.. My parents... My sometimes irritating sometimes disturbing sometimes adorable sisterssss... Of course... I miss my friends as well... Miss the time driving over to Sha's hse for nothing.. Miss the time driving over to Sharon's hse to fetch her yam cha... Miss going Little Italy with Sha.... Miss having yam cha session with all my beloved friends... My laopo is going to UK.. Sob.. Might not see her end of the year? No idea.. If I found a job.. I mite not be able to stay in KK for few months as well.. Plan for studying Japanese might be ruined? Hmm.. Just hope to get a job la.. Now puk gai edi... @@"

Credits to La'enCier for this photo?

Gosh.. I miss my car... Daddy.. Post it over for me... Or someone generous enough to buy me a car here? Don't mind driving any cars... Lorry I also want bahhh!!

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