Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thanks guys..

Thanks guys.. Those who were with me when I am down... Those who were with me when I am in tears.. Even though couldn't have the real feeling of crying in your shoulder.. But the caring words and moves really touched my heart.. Wouldn't have made through all this without you.. This is really the worst year in my life... Everything came in such a sudden..

Especially have to thank Sha's parents for turning up in the morgue when they saw the news of my grandpa's death.. And thanks to Sharon for trying her best to turn up in the ceremony today even though she wasn't able to.. Don't feel guilty k my dear? Thanks to HataJames for the sms and msn messages.. Thanks to Shannon who said that you will call tonight.. And thanks to others which sent me a word of condolence..

Zillions of thanks guys for standing by my side when I am in need.. Let me understand that there are still warmth in my life.. Life is still acceptable.. Let me understand that I am not left alone.. There are still you guys out there who care about me... You guys are really the best..

Lastly.. Hope mummy will stand strong.. As well as my cousin's family.. Losing both of our closest relatives in a year.. These losts had truly affected all of us in the family.. No matter wherever we are..

Can't really concentrate on my studies also lately.. This Saturday having mid exam.. Haven't really revise much.. Maybe its a good idea to freshen myself up and social more in attending the Malaysian National Day Prom helding in the coming 31st..

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