Monday, March 31, 2008

The Seventh Day 最美丽的第七天

I just finished watching a TVB Drama.. 最美丽的第七天.. This is the drama which made me wanna watch non-stop.. Haven't been having such feeling since 2 years ago? Haha~ This drama is really touching.. Even though some of the plot was kinda fake.. But then.. There are really some parts that really touched my heart..

You might think you are going through really hard times... But then... Have you ever think that some people who might be in the same age as you.. Even born on the same month.. Same day as you... Were going through harder time then you are? Yet he/she is still standing as tough as he/she could be? Ever think that when you are happy because you got promoted.. Someone out there might be happy just because he/she had just fought a terrible disease? Have you ever feel that you are having a minor cough and felt very terrible.. But actually someone out there might be suffering from a cancer therapy? Some of you might be complaining or fed up because you are having the same food every day.. But someone out there died the minute you are complaining because he/she did not have any food or drink for days...

This drama made me feel that you might feel stressed for little thing... But this little thing is just a little matter compared to others who didn't even have the chance to be stressed of the thing that you were stressed about.. They might be stressed about something that is more critical and more severe than what you are facing..

Some of you might just been dumped by your love ones, and felt that that is the end of your world.. Because you need him/her... He/She is the only one you want.. But he/she has actually forgotten you and moved on.. You had the chance to live a better life and move on.. Had the chance to find someone better than him/her.. But have you ever thought that someone could not even choose whom to love? Have you ever thought that someone did not even have the chance to love just because his/her life is going to end?

Even though some thoughts might not be related to the drama.. But this is how I felt after watching this drama... Made me thought of someone who told me her story... Thought of how silly one could be...


Treasure your life because this is the only life you have.. Treasure your future because many things are waiting for you ahead.. Treasure your family because they are the closest ones to you and would never abandon you.. Treasure your close friends because they are the ones who would stand by your side when you need them.. Most importantly.. Treasure what you have now because there are someone outside who does not have what you have... (Phaedra Hing, 31st March 2008)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Karaoke Session Again~

That night after coming back from uni after class.. Kinda tired and bored... Onlined a while then decided to hide in bed, read a novel I have always wanted to read.. While reading.. Fell asleep.. Then suddenly my housemates started to shout... "蚊子~蚊子~起来了~"(FYI, my china friends here call me that.. =.="). One of our friend too bored... Suddenly called and demanded us to go sing k with him... Haha~ Crazy one... They told him I am already sleeping and then he ask them to wake me up.. =.="
Haha~ At the end had to go lo... Wanted to go long time ago cause suppose to go sing k during my birthday... Had a great time yorr~~
We drank a little... Me and Vicki started SS-ing.. Wanted to SS with Fang also.. But she wasn't in the SS-ing + Photo-ing mood that night.. Ugly wa.. =.="Haha~ As some of you know... After drinking less than a bottle of alcoholic drink... I get reddddishhhh easily... LoL~ Thats when I have my makeup on.. You guys know how red I would be when I don have it on.. LoL~ Red like monyet's bum tuu! LoL~ Conclusion? Sang, Drank and had fun! ^^"

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Swim swim swim!!!

Just now while chatting with Adrian.. Suddenly the 2nd floor lap pool popped into my mind.. Maybe too bored.. Cause finished watching all the dramas.. Others all stuck in my hang hang di de ex-harddisk.. Haha~
Realised I have to go sports... Cause since 2nd March till last night... Had been eating non-stop.. Last night Jess and Jon suddenly sot edi.. Suddenly wanna BBQ.. So invited me to the BBQ also.. Just the 3 of us.. =,=" Haha~ So I have been eating lots and lots lately.. In just 3 nights.. I gained about 3kgs... Crazy ler......

Then went to have a swim.. And sauna... LoL~

Old already o0o~~ Last time swim 10++ laps wont feel so tired easily... Just now swimmed 6 laps only.. Tired like h*ll... =.=" Then went sauna for 10 min.. Haha... While waiting for the lift... Realised I was so0o red.... >.<" LoL~
=.=" Looks like sopo after the swim... Hair so ugly.. LoL~
However... My weight went back to how it was 3 days ago... ^.^Y Happy~ LoL~

Monday, March 03, 2008

3rd of 3rd..

I had a normal 21st birthday laa.... Nite before my birthday, my lao gong Vicki cooked a birthday meal for me~ Besides.. Fang and Jia also came back that day.. The dinner was delicious~ Why didn't we cook on the night of my birthday instead? Because the next day we all have classes till 8pm.. Besides.. The next morning I had to work at 10am.. So can't countdown also... I had a very very full and delicious dinner... ^^
Wing and Hui Zhi gave me a bottle of Nina Ricci perfume for my birthday.. Nice scent yo~ And my next birthday present is from Fang.. Haha~ She gave me the cleansing oil which I asked her to buy at first but decided not to buy cause I just bought a Kose one.. LoL~ Love their presents of course~ Hehe~
Suppose to go sing k after class today.. But decided to go for dinner again at the end.. Cause the next day Vicki and I have to go to work.. LoL~ Scared will get drunk and can't get up the next day... So decided to be a good girl and go for dinner instead.. Haha~ Ate a huge mud crab.. But I forgot to take photo of the crab before we start eating.. So just see how big is the 'kiam kiam' of the crab la~ Haha~Well.. Today besides work... I was wearing the top my laopo gave me the whole day~ Hehe~ Nice ma??
At the end... No cake for my 21st birthday.. =( I love to eat cake.. Especially cake in KK.. Cause cake here very lousy one... Not nice... But of course... I received lots and lots of birthday wishes... I guess this is the most birthday wishes I had compared to the past few years lee..... So happy~ Some of my friends whom I thought would have forgotten about my birthday sent me birthday wishes.. And some even called up another to remind them to call or wish me on my birthday... I am so touched... Happy~ Touched~ Delighted~ Haha~ And besides.. I received lotsa birthday presents this year... Hehe~ Even a present all the way from UK~~ Hehehe~

Thank You My Darling Friends~ Love you guys so much! Muakss!!!