Monday, March 03, 2008

3rd of 3rd..

I had a normal 21st birthday laa.... Nite before my birthday, my lao gong Vicki cooked a birthday meal for me~ Besides.. Fang and Jia also came back that day.. The dinner was delicious~ Why didn't we cook on the night of my birthday instead? Because the next day we all have classes till 8pm.. Besides.. The next morning I had to work at 10am.. So can't countdown also... I had a very very full and delicious dinner... ^^
Wing and Hui Zhi gave me a bottle of Nina Ricci perfume for my birthday.. Nice scent yo~ And my next birthday present is from Fang.. Haha~ She gave me the cleansing oil which I asked her to buy at first but decided not to buy cause I just bought a Kose one.. LoL~ Love their presents of course~ Hehe~
Suppose to go sing k after class today.. But decided to go for dinner again at the end.. Cause the next day Vicki and I have to go to work.. LoL~ Scared will get drunk and can't get up the next day... So decided to be a good girl and go for dinner instead.. Haha~ Ate a huge mud crab.. But I forgot to take photo of the crab before we start eating.. So just see how big is the 'kiam kiam' of the crab la~ Haha~Well.. Today besides work... I was wearing the top my laopo gave me the whole day~ Hehe~ Nice ma??
At the end... No cake for my 21st birthday.. =( I love to eat cake.. Especially cake in KK.. Cause cake here very lousy one... Not nice... But of course... I received lots and lots of birthday wishes... I guess this is the most birthday wishes I had compared to the past few years lee..... So happy~ Some of my friends whom I thought would have forgotten about my birthday sent me birthday wishes.. And some even called up another to remind them to call or wish me on my birthday... I am so touched... Happy~ Touched~ Delighted~ Haha~ And besides.. I received lotsa birthday presents this year... Hehe~ Even a present all the way from UK~~ Hehehe~

Thank You My Darling Friends~ Love you guys so much! Muakss!!!

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Y S Lo said...

Nice top... nice hair... :D Nampak cute (a bit) liao... :P

Whoa... ni jiu suang la... banyak pressie!!! My case over here different... I got bday cake but no pressie... T_T...

Anyway, I'm glad you had a great one. On my 21st, I was 'bed-ridden' cos demam... ><... punya sad... can't get drunk... Sigh sigh sigh...

Okla... Enuff bs... ciao!