Friday, February 29, 2008


Dunno why.. Feeling very down, lost, frustrated, stress, bored, less retard lately.. Miss KK so much.. Miss my dear friends in Malaysia.. In KK, in KL... Miss being loved, being not forgotten, being siak by my family and friends back in Malaysia.. I guess I am totally being spoilt my dear family and friends this time I went back to KK..Miss hanging out with them.. Miss being a retard with Ying and having friends who understand my 'retardness'...

Maybe it's because my birthday is around the corner.. And cause having financial problems lately, might not be able to celebrate my birthday... Additionally, I am very troubled and worried about my financial loss.. Haha.. Those who chatted with me know what happened la.. Maybe that's the main reason? Haha.. No idea.. I thought I would be much happier coming back to Brisbane when I was in KK.. Cause would have more freedom.. But I realised even with freedom.. You have to have the suitable group of friends, car, money and place to go to enjoy this freedom.. I really should have social more...

Realised after I got back from KK.. There is a gap between me and my friends here.. Maybe it's because like usual.. I missed a lot after going back to KK during summer holidays.. Felt that I am left out.. Cause they have their topics of their own.. And Vicki already start looking for a new house to move in with her old housemates... And I felt more lonely.. Cause gonna be a homeless sheep.. Haha.. Fang is coming back soon.. Guess she will be staying with Jia as well.. And I felt awkward staying with a couple.. So most probably won't be staying with her as well.. How neh? Only option is my cousin lo... Haha... Hopefully my social life will improve after staying with him.. He will bring me out to social around and make more friends laaa~

Really miss being a retard le...... LoL~ ^^" And hopefullly my statement will arrive today la... So I will not so stress anymore... At least know where my money went to.. Haha..

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