Sunday, February 24, 2008

How I started year 2008

The year of 2008 started with many happening events... I wish to let you guys know how it went... Haha!

My year started with many close accidents..... As in... Sikit sikit will have big accident those laaa... Haha!!! Hok chin chin yooo! Few times drivers who are coming out of a parking who never even look whether are there any cars passing through... Sikit hit into me who is driving my red car... Or those who suddenly cut lanes... Or those who are coming out from the small road which has a BERHENTI sign in front of them and never planned to stop and just drive out to the main road... Gosh...... Crazy KK drivers.... (Even though I might be one of them... *Blush*) Haha!

2 days before leaving KK... Wanted to go for a hair cut.. Asked sis to call driver to fetch me... Mana tau kena LC.. He say wanna go sembayang and he is sleepy... Then I called him as there was still time before he sembayang if he came to fetch me right away... Manatau kena LC also... Then nget sai.. Had to drive... And I was way behind my schedule as it took time to find parking.. The haircut took an hour... Suppose to go and buy some stuffs after hair cut then meet up with Calista for a lunch at 2pm.. Manatau late again.. Rushed to Damai...

1st nyaris-nyaris accident: I was driving past Maxis.. A 4wd suddenly drove out of the 'small road' where he was suppose to BERHENTI... Didn't even look whether are there cars... CRAZY DRIVER!
2nd nyaris-nyaris accident: Sam called and said he landed already and I was suppose to fetch him at the airport.. Rushed down to my parking space... Reversed.. BANG!!!! I bumped into the car which was behind me.. Okie.. I know this is my fault.. But this is really the only time that was my fault... However I was very fortunate that with that huge bang.. My car and his/her car was still in the best condition.. Haha...

3rd nyaris-nyaris accident: After fetching Sam, we decided to go Easyway yam cha... On the way.. Told him how hok I was.. LoL~ And he really did experience my hok-ness.. Cause in front of Easyway.. Some stupid van came out from parking and never look again... Hak si gi o0o~

After that, I realised that I am not in the driving condition lately so decided never to drive again nowadays...The next night... Night before I leave.. Went yam cha with Sharon Ying Syl.. Then asked someone to drop me at Nick's to get my hard disk.... Plop... Something happened... But I can't say much.. As someone might be reading this blog and another someone might not want someone to know what happened.. Haha! Unless someone gave me the authorisation to talk... ^^"
So far.. That's what happened to me... Haha!

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