Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My 1st and 2nd Birthday Presents From My Darlings.. ^^

Haha~ Birthday haven't arrived yet I has already received 2 birthday presents from 2 of my darlings... My first present was from my Lao Gong, Vicki~ Hehe~ It's a bracelet I got the day I arrived Brisbane.... Love it so much~~ It was my first birthday present for this year~ Haha.. Thankssssss my dear~~ Muaksss~
Anyone could recognise whose writing is this? I was so excited when I saw this familiar handwriting...
It was a top all the way from UK! I am so happy when I was reading the card... Touched... Sikit cry tu... Miss my dear lao po so much... Haven't been seeing her for a year or so? Thanks darling... Love the top so0o0o much! Muakssssss!!!!!

My goodness... The card reminded me that I am gonna be 21 this year... Till now... I still can't accept the fact that I am so old... I am already a 3rd year student in QUT.. Today after my lecture ended... Saw a whole bunch of 1st year students.. Vicki, Wing and I couldn't really believe that we have already been here for so long... Once we were like them... And now we are so old.. Wing said they are 2 years younger than her.. And I said 4.. Because she is actually 2 years older than I am.. Haha! Okie.... I really can't accept the fact that I am 21... >.< How?

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