Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Swim swim swim!!!

Just now while chatting with Adrian.. Suddenly the 2nd floor lap pool popped into my mind.. Maybe too bored.. Cause finished watching all the dramas.. Others all stuck in my hang hang di de ex-harddisk.. Haha~
Realised I have to go sports... Cause since 2nd March till last night... Had been eating non-stop.. Last night Jess and Jon suddenly sot edi.. Suddenly wanna BBQ.. So invited me to the BBQ also.. Just the 3 of us.. =,=" Haha~ So I have been eating lots and lots lately.. In just 3 nights.. I gained about 3kgs... Crazy ler......

Then went to have a swim.. And sauna... LoL~

Old already o0o~~ Last time swim 10++ laps wont feel so tired easily... Just now swimmed 6 laps only.. Tired like h*ll... =.=" Then went sauna for 10 min.. Haha... While waiting for the lift... Realised I was so0o red.... >.<" LoL~
=.=" Looks like sopo after the swim... Hair so ugly.. LoL~
However... My weight went back to how it was 3 days ago... ^.^Y Happy~ LoL~


Y S Lo said...

SWIMSUIT!!! :P Bikini? Sok oooo sok ooo ^^

Y S Lo said...

ei ei... no offence... ur face tak lama macam mine lor... :P