Saturday, March 15, 2008

Karaoke Session Again~

That night after coming back from uni after class.. Kinda tired and bored... Onlined a while then decided to hide in bed, read a novel I have always wanted to read.. While reading.. Fell asleep.. Then suddenly my housemates started to shout... "蚊子~蚊子~起来了~"(FYI, my china friends here call me that.. =.="). One of our friend too bored... Suddenly called and demanded us to go sing k with him... Haha~ Crazy one... They told him I am already sleeping and then he ask them to wake me up.. =.="
Haha~ At the end had to go lo... Wanted to go long time ago cause suppose to go sing k during my birthday... Had a great time yorr~~
We drank a little... Me and Vicki started SS-ing.. Wanted to SS with Fang also.. But she wasn't in the SS-ing + Photo-ing mood that night.. Ugly wa.. =.="Haha~ As some of you know... After drinking less than a bottle of alcoholic drink... I get reddddishhhh easily... LoL~ Thats when I have my makeup on.. You guys know how red I would be when I don have it on.. LoL~ Red like monyet's bum tuu! LoL~ Conclusion? Sang, Drank and had fun! ^^"

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Y S Lo said...

Whoa... bila we go minum? :P