Friday, July 20, 2007

A Must Not Go Restaurant

That day went to have lunch with Sharon, Shinji and friends.. Shinji said wanted to go to Jesselton Point for lunch.. There is one restaurant there.. Pirates of Borneo..

We went there.. Food was bad.. The spaghetti they made.. Gosh.. I could cook better.. I have seen menu with one mistake.. But a menu full of mistakes? That was the first.. @@" Ambience was fine.. Of course laaa.. We were the only table what..

Seafood dunno what.. Can't finish.. Made me miss eating Little Italy more.. Lousy food..

Carbonara.. Sharon say Upperstar's far better... This one also very bu tiam.. Worst spaghetti we have ever eaten.. Any of us could cook better than theirs.. No more next time...


YSLo said...

Kekekeke... nasib i didn't go there eat b4 though owes go Suria futsal-ing... Thanks for the warning... ^^

Lxy said...

Can they sue u if they read this? xD