Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry Potter The Order of Phoenix Movie

Last night during lecture.. We suddenly decided to go and watch Harry Potter.. Actually I have watched it with Sharon, Amanda they all when I was back in KK.. But since all the Harry Potter movies I had watched at least twice.. So of course I cant break my custom.. Hehe~

There were 4 of us.. Wing, Vicki, Fang and me.. Fang actually invited Jia along but he didn't wanna come along cause he finds wizardry scary.. Hehe~

It was actually my first time watching movie in Oz.. So I was stunned by the pretty huge screen in the cinema..

Went to South Bank Cinema due to the cheap price.. Half the price cheaper compared to the one in the city.. Wing claimed.. It was cheaper as it was Tuesday.. Movie Day.. ^^

By the way.. This advertisement stunned me more.. My goshh.. KK gonna stop screening Die Hard 4.0.. Here.. Haven't even start screening? Only gonna screen next month? Crazy.....

In conclusion.. Movie was great.. Comfy seat.. But really late and slow screening on new movies.. *Shake Head*

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YSLo said...

Slow keluar movie? Aiyo, can't blame the cinema wei... blame government policy la... maybe they wanna promote their own Ozzie movie first? LOL