Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Make Up...

That night.. After a tiring day companying parents to Gold Coast.. Suddenly have the urge to do make up on Li Jia.. Fang's BF.. Yeah.. He is currently staying with us.. Still looking around for new house.. Then I asked Fang..

Dra: 芳,Vicki, 我们帮李佳化妆吧!
Fang: 好啊~老公……好不好?
佳:嗯……(In a gaming situation)

Then terus.. All of us pull him into the room and did a complete makeup... Took lots and lots of pic that made us laugh till forgotten who are our parents... Pity... Couldn't publish his amazing and sexy photo of being a lady on my blog... As I had promised Li Jia that his photos would not be exposed... >.<"

Then, Vicki suddenly said after we had finished torturing Li Jia..

Vicki: 芳,我们帮Phaedra化吧~
Fang: Okay~~~

I was like.. =.=" At the end I got it.. But its worth it as we get to see a bondan.. LoL~

Lala~ Looked weird?

Curi taken by Vicki.. She did my lashes.. Long hor~

So Paiseh.. Was in my pyjamas... =.="


jianbing said...

somehow feel like only you applied a thick layer of foundation... =_=

YSLo said...

Eh... i wanna tengok he kena make-up oooo.... cos i was once kena did that b4 for stage performance oso... I look damn weird ler... =.=''

Adrian said...

too much make up. too much make up = scary for girls.