Sunday, May 06, 2007

Movie World with Family - 30 April 07

Went to Movie World again.. This time.. With my family.. FYI... My parents went back on 1 May midnight.. ^^" Took some photos... Nice nice yoo~ This time, the Police Academy Stunt Show was my favourite.. Of course.. Scooby-Doo Spooky Ride is still my all-time favourite.. The show was funny and exciting.. You get to experience real explosion and fire.. Pity dad's new Sony Camera low battery.. Didn't take many photos.. Daddy forgot to recharge it.. No use with 2gb memory stick.. LoL~

While Waiting for the Show to Begin... The entertainer before show starts.. Funny Man

He demanded to have this pic taken.. They are all audience..

Went to look at the all-star parade with my youngest sis while my parents and other sisters went to take the Looney Tunes Coaster..

Daffy and his Daffy Beattle..

Scooby Spooky

Nah Sharon.. Your Justice League.. ^^

Join my parents and other sisters... Waiting to take photo with Batman and his vehicle...

See Batman behind us? Waiting for him to come nearer..

Mana tau disturbed by SYLVESTER.. Ishhh~ LoL~ If u get wat I mean Syl.. ^^

Batman's new toy..

My sisters and mum... Batman & Robin..

Harry Potter Shop..

Scooby, Wilma and Shaggy..

Had a happy and tiring day...


YSLo said...

ARGH... i wanna go oooo.... T_T

Sharon@Yan said...

batman oso included in justice league u know?
anyway tell the green guy he suppose to be a black man!
cos the character is a black man!