Thursday, May 03, 2007

Trapped In The Lift..

Today.. Bing supposed to come over to my apartment and help me with my presentation powerpoint.. I went down to meet up with him and Khai.. Khai came over as well cause he and Bing wanted to go do their assignments together.. Took the lift up to my apartment and suddenly "BANG"! We were stuck in the lift at level 9 with 2 other angmos.. No YS and LXY.. They are not liang mois.. LoL~

Trapped at Level 9.. Noticed that it hasn't show "Out of Service" sign yet?

So bored... Didn't bring my 3.2MP phone with me.. Used a 2.0 instead

Called up the technicians from the lift using the button there.. No.. No line in lift.. >.<" Then waited to be "rescued" for about 45 minutes.. God.... Bored si ngai.. Bing sat down and play with his NDS.. =.=" Then suddenly the door opened and we ended up rescued at level 25! Just a level before my apartment! Langsung no feel kena pulled up! Terus Bing got lift-phobia edi.. LoL~ Don't dare to take the lifts in my apartment..

The lady that was trapped in the lift with us told us that she was trapped in a lift three times.. Twice in our apartment.. So.. Actually we won't be trapped de.. But that ang mo too hok bahhh.. LoL~


YSLo said...

Supposingly, I wanna continue reading de... but then, when i reached 'No YS and LXY.. They are not liang mois', then i have no more motivation to continue liao... ^^

La'enCier said...

waa...trapped in the fun