Monday, May 28, 2007

Charlotte Tower - Interior

Yuhuu... Some of my friends such as Sharon Chin kept asking me to post up the interior of our new apartment.. At last get to take nice photos after a big clean up that day.. ^^"

Mua Nest...

The place where I burn my food and give me additional calories..

The Alfresco area which had been made as our Study.. Where I battle and where I can commit suicide..

Beautiful View we see in the Alfresco...

Where I lost my slumber...

Where I sh*t and pe*.. Where someone can be naked inside... >.<

Housemates' PigSty... :$ Or Love Nest?

The Ensuite of the Master Bedroom.. Quite small hor?

Nice? Satisfied with the photos? Haha.. Can't blame me laa.. No good camera.. Using phone's camera only.. Considered good enough edi! Haha... Hope you guys enjoyed seeing the interior of my new place la... ^^"

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YSLo said...

Hmm... very comfy and luxurious!!!