Friday, June 01, 2007

Children's Day Special

Today... 1st June.. Is the International Children's Day!

Didn’t know its Children’s Day today if Vicki didn’t suddenly said suddenly say.. "节日快乐!"..
And I was like... "Huh? What celebration?"
Then she told me that its the International Children's Day for kids under 14 years..
Then I said.. "Ouh.. But I am not a kid... 20 already.."
She said.. "屁叻!明明才19岁!" Haha~ She think too muchh...

*Sigh*... Poor me... Turned 20 already... My age starting with 2 already... I think I would be the kind of old lady that will start hidding my age when I turn older... And wouldn't admit the day my age starts with 3... Old old old... Suddenly felt that life is so cruel! This is already my 2nd Year in Australia.. Next year gonna graduate.. *Sigh....* Gonna split up with all my best friends here... *Sigh*...

International Children's Day has a Flag?? =.="

Ok.. Stop the crap.. Lets talk about International Children's Day (ICD)... こどもの日(Kodomo no hi).. 'Kodomo' means Kids.. 'Hi' means celebration... In Japan.. Their Children's day was held on 5th May.. And another celebration also for kids.. ひな祭り(Hinamatsuri) falls on my birthday~~ 3rd March.. Hey~ Meaning if I am in Japan.. I would always be a kid! Won't have to grow up! Yay!! Okay.. Have to stop being so xing fen.. Haha... *SLAP SLAP*! PHAEDRA HING! WAKE UP!! Who the h*ll won't grow up and could be kids for the rest of their lives?!?!?!

Suddenly.. I recalled the time when I was in Primary School.. Don't really remember starting from which year.. Suddenly our school started to celebrate Children's Day.. Which falled on Saturdays... Smart aye our school? So weekdays can't let us play and have holiday.. We had to go back to school on Saturdays for the celebration... Whoa... Games... Lucky Draws... Food Food and FOOD!!! Junk food.. KFC.. McD.. Or whatever.. Don't really remember.. Just remember we get to get one box of 'dunno-what' fast food.. Haha! And I remember I won the lucky draw once.. And was given some exercise books and pastel colours... Haha.. Typical presents from school.. Can't expect to get a motorbike kan?

Summary: I am no more a kid.. Already an adult.. Next year can vote already... Since not involved in this celebration... Therefore had been home alone whole day... Till now.. =.=" Housemates satu with BF.. And the couple went out don't know where... I should be studying... LoLz~~

Okay.. Stop here.. Guess no one interested in ICD oso... ^^" Just let me talk more laa....

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