Friday, June 22, 2007

I am freee~~~ (Bonus: Cheesecake Brownies)

YaY!!! I am free at last~ LoL~ Actually exam ended yesterday.. But couldn't seem to get online.. So wasnt able to update looo... Paisehh... Hehe~ Arghh.. Haven't been sleeping much since exam period.. Above was my 'drug'... My boost... My saviourrr..... During exam period.. Taken that before exam every time.. Or else will fall asleep during exam.. LoL~

Yesterday after exam ler... Wing came over and wanted to make something.. So I decided to make cheesecake brownies loo~ Got the recipe from the website and because had lotsa good comments then decided to make that loo...

I think that it taste weird.. But my friends said it was lovely.. Delicious worr... Hehe~ Happy~ LoL~ My friends became my guinea pig again.. Haha~ I didn't eat much as well.. Hohooh~ Let them turn fat~ Yay~ Haha.. Jk laaa~ Love to bake but don't like to eat.. Hehe~

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YSLo said...

CHEESECAKE BROWNIEEEEE... I want oooo... lapar now.... T_T