Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Papa's Day..

Today is the 3rd week of June.. Some people might say.. So what? Just normal day what... No guys.. Its Fathers' Day!!

Proudly present you.. My cute papa~

I must tell you guys what a great papa he is... He is always No.1 DAD in my heart... He came from a poor family.. But he became the most successful one in the family.. Being the younger brother in the family.. He not only helped his brothers and sisters no matter financially or mentally.. But also did his job as a son, a father and a husband... Even though his colleagues or his employees may think he is a serious boss.. But deep inside... He is humourous and very outgoing.. My close friends know how naughty he could be sometimes...
As for me.. Even though I am faraway.. He would still miss me always.. Mom said he will 'lao gai' (Canto) like a kid if I did not sms or call home for few days.. He will get grumpy and mad... Saying this eldest daughter doesn't love him doesn't miss him.. Hehe.. See how cute is he?? Many of my friends felt that I am like my daddy's 小情妇.. Cause will hold his hands and 嗲 him when I am out with him.. Dad would sometimes even say.. "Gal.. Don't stick to me like tht.. Later my friends thought I am bringing young girlfriend out.. And tell your mummy.." Hehe~ But when he said that.. I love to stick to him more!

He is a great father and a great uncle.. Always gives advices to my cousins.. My cousins love to talk to him when they are in trouble or in need.. No matter occupation or financial advices.. He talks a lot.. And because I have such a daddy.. My knowledge in business had expanded more.. When I have any problem in my uni work.. He would be able to explain them in many different aspects to make me understand better...

Even though he did not study much when he was young.. He worked very hard to be such a successful person now.. He had always been my idol.. He worked in different types of fields before.. From businesses to development to vehicle business and even go international.. He is a great guy... I am very proud to have such a father who not only love his wife but love his daughters!

There are too much to talk about on my papa... I know you may think that I am bossy... Hehe~ Showing off on my daddy.. Yeahh.. Because I AM PROUD to have such a papa! Muaksss!

Today it is fathers' day.. I smsed papa to wish him happy fathers' day.. And my sis replied the msg telling me that they had their meal in Hyatt today for celebration.. And she told me papa won fathers' putting competition (No idea what was that...). A buffet voucher in Hyatt was given and daddy said it was for me.. I was so touched.. !$%#@^&(% You know why am I so touched de la.. Just dunno how to explain my feeling..


jAmEs said...

Happy Birthday to your daddy too....

Enjoyed your post here.... hu haa

jianbing said...

^ what's wrong with him? "happy BIRTHDAY" to your papa ?