Monday, June 25, 2007

Declaration + Food + Fun

Dear all,

I guess this would be my last blog for few weeks... Tomorrow morning I will be heading to Melbourne with Bing and Entut.. Then will head to Adelaide from Melbourne with them on 1st July.. After that.. Will be heading back to Brisbane on the 4th noon.. Then back to Malaysia on 4th night.. Haha~ Tight schedule aye? Will try to update more when I have the chance to.. Stay tune~

Went to my all time favourite... Korean Food for dinner few days ago... Nice restaurant.. Forgot to snap photos of the restaurant.. But they do serve delicious food! This was what we eaten that night.. Wanted to try.. Lovely! Pork knuckle? 猪蹄.. Quite expensive laaa... AUD$25 for a plate like that..

This is my all time favourite... Beef rice.. Top layer with fish roe (MY FAV!!).. Middle layer with 紫菜... Bottom layer with Kimchi.. Yummy~~ The beef was lovely as well.. FYI.. Korean beef are usually delicious!

Actually just got back from Gold Coast visiting Kong Ma and Jien with Entut.. Bing wasn't able to go due to his last exam today.. Jien went to class today.. (Bonds Uni do have weird schedule..) Kong Ma brought Entut and me to Infinity..

Some kinda world with mirrors.. Kinda like kaleidoscope (万花筒).. Haha~ Quite frightening la.. Not so fun... Had to wear gloves and shoes 'covers' in order to find your way as the place could be quite dark... Looked weird.... LoL~

Was actually in Gold Coast since yesterday.. Went Harbour Town to shop and to Surfers Paradise.. Blame Entut.. Why? Many places we wanted to go ngam ngam close for either maintenance or don't know why.. Then today wanted to go some space something.. Also closed.. Haha~ Blamed him for all these... LoL~

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YSLo said...

No offence lar...but... ENTETTTTTTT, U MEMANG HOK GAO LIN OOOO!!!! Pergi mana oso tutup.... wtf... hahahaha...