Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cooking + Baking..

Today.. Vicki, our main chef wasn't around as usual.. So me as the assistant chef had to cook.. Suddenly felt like cooking fried rice.. Last night after whole day no meal decided to try something new.. Tried frying kimchi fried rice.. And it was a success! So nice o0o~

Then today.. Suddenly have the feel to cook again... Cook for my housemates.. But today.. The fried rice wasnt as nice as last night.. Maybe cause I am still not use of cooking for too many.. Haha~ Will kelam kabut.. ^^"

Then.. At around 9pm.. Felt like continue sleeping.. Actually had been sleeping whole day.. Weather too nice.. Hehe~ But suddenly had the urge to bake... Then took out Vicki's recipe book.. And start being creative.. Made my own ingredients.. LoL~ And this came out.. Chocolate Nestum Cookie~

Felt like it gonna be a failure.. Since the batch was kinda watery...

Then.. Violaaa~ It came out~ And tasted quite good! Well.. I think it was because I put lotsa chocolate chips.. The texture actually taste like cake.. LoL~ Nevermind.. Most importantly.. My housemates said it is delicious~ 風味がよい~~

Conclusion: Okie.. I am gonna gain more calories, carbohydrates, fats, lipids..... Etc..


sheau yiing said...

Dra~~ I wanna eat ur kimchi fried rice & cookies.
Hungry after lookin at ur blog entry. ^^"
How I wish I'm in Brisbane now.. Then got lovely Dra cook for me. Hehe.. Muz muz cook for me next time o..

YSLo said...

Good one!!!! Keep it up.... make an effort to post over for me lar... haizzz..... kebuluran lorrrrr...

Syafiq said...

cookies... ur 2nd cookies pic looks funny. hahaha..