Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Life So Far..

Well... Just wanna let you guys know... Exam ended long ago.. YAY!!! Last Thursday was my last exam.. So I finished my 2nd Year of studies already! Another year more than I will be a new graduand... Hahaha~ Okie.. Stop the crap.. Let me tell you what have I been up to lately...

Yeap! Last night just played Mahjong with a few friend in my house.. Hoho! I was the wiiinnner~ No laaa... Just won 8 bucks... But still happy! Cause I am the beginner... Hoho~ Of course.. Besides that.. I started to 'bao' series right after my exams! Las Vegas la... 18 禁不禁 la... CSI la... etc etc..... Hohohoho~~~~ Not to forget.. I am still working hard after exams.. Wanna earn more money so I could bring money back and spend! Of course have to buy some stuffs to reward myself also la... Reward myself with expensive stuffs... So have to save money first.... Hohoho~ What would that be?? Hmm.. Surely would post it on the blog when I got it laaa~ So stay tune with my blog!! :p

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YSLo said...

Oiyeoooo... Mahjong!!! LOL... u ready to become xiu lai lai liao? :P