Wednesday, March 14, 2007

3rd of 3rd This Year

My birthday this year? Nothing special.. Well.. Went to Gold Coast with Fang and Jia's friends the next day of my birthday.. Then had a wonderful Thai food dinner there.. Nice ambience nice restaurant.. Pity didn't bring camera along.. What could I complained about? Not with the right person.. LoL~

However.. I got this nice birthday card and chocolatesss from people whom I don't really know well.. Of course.. Only Jess, Khai and Jon which I know.. LoL~

I loveee the card! It's blue and there is butterfly on it! Haha! Jess picked it I assume?

Thanks guys.. For your great wishes..

Many whom I didn't expect they would remember me.. I mean the names in the card.. Hahaha~

Thanks for your calls and brighten my day!

Of course! Must mention a few of my pals who called and wished me! Thanks Sharon, Sha, Sylvester, Shannon...... And those who smsed me.. Kelly(I don't mind belated wish), Manda(2 yrs didn't really get your wish but I knw you remember), Shuk Ling(Unexpected wish), Chau, YsLo(Both far but I got it!), Jien, Kong Ma, Roger, Tut, Yuyu... etc.(Sorry if I forgotten to mention you)

Thanks guys! You really made my day bright! ^.^ And of cause I have to thanks those who wished me in MSN and Friendster! ^.^


YSLo said...

LOL... Now baru free to post argh? ^^ Glad u had a great one...

jianbing said...

you really forgotten me ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Sharon@Yan said...

la la la~