Saturday, March 10, 2007

Chocolate Fudge or Chocolate Shit ?

Phaedra + Baking for the 1st time... = FAILURE!

Looks more like chocolate shit aye?

Yeah.. Bing is trying to make it look nice by taking it in a nice angle..

Well.. Here it is~ Enjoyed it with a cup of COLD milk~
And H*ll Yeah I know its fattening..


fuizaibing said...

hey, i baked that cake de okay... =_= zap si kai

Khai said...

Looks nice wat.. hehe

Sharon@Yan said...

ouh, yuan lai is bing's masterpiece..
then dra i think u can make a better one lar haha..
anyway welcome to the bloggie world-which-can-put-nice-nice-photos!

YSLo said...

Yish... MACAM TAHI WEI... stop wasting resources... LOL... jkjk

shasha said...

sei dra and bing. both ppl de blog... food food food only =_______= wanna hoi sei those trying to gam fei de ppl izzit?!?!?!
no offense tho.
congrats onthe new blog =)
love ya girl