Thursday, March 22, 2007

Anime vs Studies

Currently I have been very attracted and addicted to an animation.. The Prince of Tennis..

Yeah.. I know this is quite an old anime.. And I am quite outdated.. Can't help it! Cause too many interesting animes to update! With the limited bandwidth in Australia.. Its hard to download too many at a time..

But now.. With this work load.. And with my hardworking personality.. I choose to study..

Haha! Actually.. Its cause I have tutorial homeworks due today and tomorrow.. And a mid term exam day after and another test next week.. Which till now I am still having lots of problem with even though I have been revising since last week.. Why? Cause it contains Maths which is my worst subject.. LoL~

Now.. I have to temporarily say "Jia Ne" to my dearest anime and say "Konichiwa" & "Onegaishimasu" to my study marathon instead..

P/S: I might update more on this Anime soon for those who haven't watch yet..


sendoism said...

memang outdate jor I've watched tat during end of 2004...^^
now u feel stress then wats mine...i stress for whole 3 mths every single day lo..anyway goodluck in ur coming exam

YSLo said...

LOL... tempting animation innit? Well, should you prioritise your priority well enuf, you won't have any problem de lar. After all, you know what's ur priority as a foreign student, right? ^^ *hinting*