Monday, March 26, 2007

B'day Party @ Newway

Haha~ Aiyooo.. Not my b'day party lar... It's my friend Wing's b'day party.. At first we went to have our luxurious dinner in "don't know what" seafood restaurant.. Goshh.. More than 8 dishes I think.. Even drank shark's fin soup! The b'day girl spended us dinner... After dinner, went to Newway Karaoke.. Get to know a few more China friends and some Hongkies.. But most I know them and seen them.. Haha~ The only close ones are Fang, Yuyu, Li Jia.. Others would be either seen them somewhere around when I was hanging out with Fang and Wing.. LoL~ Lemmi show you the photos we taken..

Zeee.... B'day Lady- Wing and Me..

Yuyu, Me and Fang.. (I am stuck in the middle by 2 gorgeous ladies.. >.<)

Me and Yuyu.. I am the "act cute will look weird" type.. So natural will do.. LoL~

Me and Fang.. ^.^

Well... Had lotsa fun that night.. Wing's friends wanted me to drink.. But I am a good girl... Without Dear, won't drink.. Dear... I obedient or not jek? Hehehe~ And have to thank Lawrence (Hongkie) for sending Yuyu and me back all the way from Sunnybank.. Feel bad cause made him send us all the way back.. But wish him luck in chasing Wing lar~ LoL~

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YSLo said...

So nice... ladies owes get a nice ride back home... T_T