Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What Should I Do?

Lately.. Tak happy.. Why? Cause of some stuffs.. Friends.. LoL~ And of course.. When I realised this is already my 3rd year in Brisbane.. I realised I did not gain much... Besides education... I didn't really get to know many friends.. Still stick to the same gang since 1st year... Aiyoo~ Social reject la me~ Haha.. Was wondering whether should I go on with my plan? That is to continue working in Brisbane and get PR (Permenant Resident) here... After 2 years or so.. Then proceed with my Master Degree in UK... Or... Go to UK for my masters straight after I graduate.. One thing in consideration.. Sis is planning to come over next year... And end of this year I am gonna graduate.... Any suggestions?

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Y S Lo said...

Sticking with like-minded friends whom you are able to have fun with is indeed a blessing and please... stop complaining bout that :P

Well, guidance? Hmm... follow your heart :D