Friday, April 04, 2008

Moving Out From Charlotte..

Tomorrow we are gonna move out from Charlotte Towers.. Aih~~ Gonna miss here so much.. This is a perfect place to stay... Walking distance to Uni.. Right in the middle of the city... Walking distance to work.. Walking distance for shopping.. Wonderful view.. Especially during River Fest.. River views... Haha~ Okie.. I have to stop.. The more I describe.. The more I will miss this place...
I will definitely miss this alfresco where we study.. And watch the beautiful city and river view from... Huge place for us... Suitable for us with so many things.. ^^"

And I will miss this view.... Hmmm~ Will I be able to see this in few months time?? Or?

Aih~ Will definitely miss staying here... Had so much fun staying here.. So many happy memories~ Make up sessionss... Mahjong... Wonder when can I play mahjong again? @@" Actually the lease here ends in 2 weeks time.. We didn't really have to move out so soon.. But after few times of rejection from the agents and few times being 'tipu-ed' by Oaks (Charlotte Tower's Management).. We rather find a new place ASAP in case we will be homeless by the end of our contract.. Additionally.. The week our contract ends will be a busy week for all of us... Assignments, assessments, reports, quiz, mid-semester exams.. All on that week.. Crazy one.. =.="

So... No more staying in this luxurious large apartment la~ Will update you guys on our new apartment la~ Hopefully.. =.="

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Y S Lo said...

good luck house-moving! :D

keep me posted