Friday, April 11, 2008

The Process of House Moving..

4th April 2008

This was the day we finally moved into our new apartment in Gabba Central.. Compared to our old apartment which was in the city.. This place much quieter.. No more 'kling klang' noise from the garbage man and the bottle collector in the middle of the night.. No more 'bing bang bong' from the new apartment that is building up early in the morning.. Haha~ Coles supermarket is just downstairs.. Could just walk down and buy a fresh apple when I feel like eating apple.. LoL~ The stadium is just nearby.. The karaoke is just few blocks away.. The bus station is just 3 minutes away...

Well.. On the day we started to move... Some problems came out suddenly... The ute rental company suddenly woke me up in the morning with a crazy news... Saying that our application for renting a ute from them has been decline and no reason is to be given.. What the... Terus woke up and started to find ways to get a ute... Aiyoo..... At the end... Li Jia had to pinjam van from his previous 'Lao Ban Niang'... So instead of driving a ute.. I drove a van.. Haha.. FYI.. Among them I am the only one who knows how to drive manual.. That's why I ended up driving a huge van.. ^^" So rugged looking le... And chubby.. =.="After whole day moving all the big stuffs from Charlotte to Gabba.. We went up to Springfield to return the van to 'Lao Ban Niang'.. Also.. We decided to have our dinner there.. After whole day of tiring work.. We decided to enjoy a nice meal.. Haha~ Didn't take photos of our delicious meal.. Took photos of our dessert instead.. ^^"
This was my banana fritters i-scream..This was Adam's (the only guy who helped us till the end.. ) Haha~

And these was Fang, Vicki and Jia's dessert.. Pancake I-scream and Fried I-scream.. Yummy~

Our Common Room~Vicki and My Study Room..
At the end.. We move most of our stuffs into this new apartment... Nice hor? But things are still not in place... Still very messy la... What do you expect le? These photos was taken on the day we moved into the house le... Haha~ Sorry for not being able to show you how my actual apartment is la.. Cause now still in a mess.. Though things are placed to where it suppose to be.. Not as messy as it was before.. But still messy le.. Hehe~ We are too busy lately with assignment, assessment and exams.. Forgive us.. Haha~ Though these are all excuses? =p

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