Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools

Part I

When I was zombie walking to uni this morning for my 10am class.. Suddenly my dream this morning popped into my 'coconut'.. I was dreaming that suddenly I am chatting with my dad alone through msn.. Which is kinda impossible since he is a computer "genius"... Start chat chat chat.. Then he suddenly wanted to video call me and I said no because housemates are sleeping... Weird.. Cause in the apartment I am staying now.. Our study is the alfresco... So won't actually disturb anyone who is sleeping.. Then after telling dad that I wanted to go to bed.. Then I realised I wasn't actually chatting with dad.. It was Benny Ng... =.=" Don't know why.... I terus stunned and offlined.. After that I woke up... @@" Then I realised maybe this dream is just reminding me today its April Fools... Don't be fooled by your friends..

Part II

Why am I here typing this entry at 10:30am in the morning? Because I did something stupid.. I walked into the tutorial class.. And realised some unfamiliar people and tutor.. Of course.. And also unfamiliar lecture slides.. I thought I was early for my tutorial then I realised I was wrong.. I woke up for nothing on the only day I didn't have to wake up early for work or for class... My class today start at 6pm... I confused my Thursday timetable with today's...

Okay.. At the end.. Instead of being fooled by friends or fooling friends.. I was fooled by myself... I am still so sleepy now.. Gotta walk back home and continue oinking... Zzzz.....


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Y S Lo said...

Kebodohan yang tak ternilai... ~~~